After Trump bashed Brown Immigrants all Year, it’s the British White Guy who tries to Kill Him

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

Donald Trump’s blatantly racist attacks on immigrants have all along had as their subtext the implication that there is something wrong with those brown-skinned people and maybe it is unwise to let them in.

Trump even said “‘it’s time’ for the UK to depart the European Union because of ‘the craziness that’s going on with migration’ and reaffirmed he thought that some parts of London had become ‘radicalised’. He said he thought that British voters would vote to leave because of “unrest” over ‘people pouring in all over the place.’ He also said that ‘thousands and thousands’ of people (i.e. white people) in Britain supported his call for a ban on Muslim immigration.

So, the message is that white people are good and the big bad EU is making a white country accept all those radical brown people.

So the first known assassination plot against Trump (if you don’t count far-right loonies and White Guys Brad Thor and Glenn Beck), it turns out, comes from the British white guy. He tried to grab the gun of a policeman at a Trump rally. Even after he was arrested, he said he’d like to give it another try.

Another irony. In Britain, most police don’t carry guns as a routine matter, and so there the firearm wouldn’t even have been available to be grabbed.

It is not known whether he self-radicalized on the internet or to what pack of lone wolves he belongs.

His defense lawyer says he appears to be competent.

But what with being white and all, and given the terroristic implications of gunning for a presidential candidate, he is almost certainly mentally ill.

(Though note that most mentally ill people are just struggling with a problem and aren’t violent).


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  1. I have read your piece twice professor and I’m still not really sure what you are saying or implying here. The projected outcome of the vote at the moment is 50% for either side, so it would appear you think that 50% of the British people are racist? The real fear among the out campaign isn’t actually immigration of dark skin people, but of other EU citizens who are predominately white! The number of white Europeans who are entitled to come to Britain and live and work here, is technically half a billion and they can do so without any restriction whatsoever under the ‘free movement of people’ EU law. Further, many of we vote out people are doing so because of the ever stifling laws and regulation emanating from unelected EU bureaucrats! As I pointed out to you the other day, there were over 6,000 pieces of legislation passed last year alone that the EU bureaucrats enacted and which we British have to obey. The management of the EU has become a fiasco and though various prime ministers have tried to get reasonable reform of this monolithic institution, they have all so far failed.

    • You are making exactly the same arguments as the “patriots” who have made American conservatism (and thus about 50% of Americans) into what it is today. How far down their road will you go, and how much will you reveal about your desires as you demand the clock be turned back further and further?

      And here’s a list of non-Brown people used by a successful European politician to justify ethnic cleansing and extermination: Jews, Slavs, and Gypsies. So I guess you Europeans have quite the history of racism based on things besides pigmentation.

    • 50% in a poll hardly represents 50% of the actual electorate. British First “patriots” like yourself are obviously much more motivated to take part in the referendum, whereas the pro-EU voters are a rather apathetic lot.

      At any rate, I am sure the EU will gladly accept Scotland back in after the inevitable next referendum on Scottish independence.

  2. Had trump been shot the victims from the Orlando club shooting could have issued a statement saying….If only Trump had been armed this could have been avoided

  3. I’ve always said that the people who want to assassinate politicians are idiots. If you succeed, you’ll make a martyr out of them, and their polities. (I’ll bet that Britain will vote to stay in the EU, thanks -in part- to the assassination of the Labour MP there.)

    The only thing worse than succeeding at assassination is failing at it. e.g. Reagan would have been crushed by the Iran-Contra scandal, had it not been for the failed attempt on his life. It also gave him cover for his obvious mental decline due to Alzheimer’s.

    The cynical part of me is sure that the attempt was faked. If it was that easy to take a gun from a police officer, it’d have made the news long before now. I understand that their holsters are designed to prevent someone from ‘grabbing’ their guns.

    • I don’t see how RFK becoming a martyr helped liberal or progressive causes any, in the world since 1968. Sirhan Sirhan did a pretty good job at ruining things for millions of people by removing the leading politician advocating radical change, who would have transformed the country had he been spared to serve (if not in the 1968 election, surely in 1972). I’d say this assassination, like one in Sarajevo in 1914, truly had far-reaching consequences.

  4. Of course as a non-citizen he wouldn’t be entitled to buy firearms (I’m assuming?), potentially saving a lot of Trump fans’ lives. Proving once again if you make it difficult to get guns, you catch or deter a lot more attackers.

    • He is a goofball. A competent attacker would simply have gone to any local gun show and bought all the weapons he needed, no questions asked.

      I’m truly surprised no terrorists have done this yet. No need to smuggle arms into the US, just send the teams of kamikaze shooters and give ’em enough cash to buy what they need, openly, easily.

      • Really ? Local “gun shows” in the United States wouldn’t ID a potential gun-purchaser, that is, try to determine if he’s a US resident/citizen ??

        Don’t they follow any procedures ?

        • The problem is private sales at gun shows. Private sales are completely unregulated and are permitted to be transacted at gun shows. So in that case, no procedures.

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