Media calls Election for Hillary before California: Superdelegate System under Fire

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The prediction is likely to stir controversy among Sanders supporters and critics of the superdelegate system, which has been branded “anti-democratic.”

The race between Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is not even over yet, but the latter has already won the Democratic nomination, according to the Associated Press.

An AP count of pledged delegates and a survey of superdelegates purportedly shows Clinton clinching the nomination, reflecting comments made by Clinton when she dismissed the California primary as irrelevant to the outcome of the Democratic race.

“I will be the nominee for my party… That is already done, in effect. There is no way that I won’t,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN back in May.

Not including superdelegates, Sanders is just 291 delegates behind Clinton and campaigners for his “political revolution” have been going all out in California, which will allocate 526 delegates.

Sanders has also jumped in polls over the past few weeks and is close to clinching the Latino-heavy state from his rival. Leading up to Tuesday’s vote, 44 percent of California Democrats said they would support Sanders and 43 percent said they would back Clinton, according to a new poll from the Los Angeles Times.

The prediction by AP is likely to stir controversy among Sanders supports and critics of the superdelegate system, which has come under fire over recent months.

United States Senator Elizabeth Warren, who herself is a superdelegate, recently said she does not approve of the Democratic Party’s superdelegate system and thinks the three-decades long process must be scutinized.

The Democratic party has more than 700 superdelegates and at least 539 of them have already pledged support for Clinton. Many of them did so even before she had formally announced her campaign in April last year.

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  1. The CA fixed election has already started with a shortage of ballots in los angeles and the election chief just dismisses it.

  2. and that’s why its all bull shit, and they, the corporate heads, will will drink several rounds of good fortune to their greed!

    Every watch Trumbo, wait, as its going to happen again! We in California are nothing, and our vote means nothing to the clinton’$ . . .

  3. Not sure if “just” is an appropriate modifier for Sanders pledged delegate deficit. If the California and NJ primaries were winner take all, then sure! But they aren’t. If Sanders wins Cali 326 to 200 he is still more than 200 behind and where does he get those delegates?

  4. Rob B

    Juan, if the roles were reversed Bernie would be extolling the wisdom of the supers. It’s time to move to the next stage of grief

  5. I’ll write it again. This is not the way to select a nominee. It only makes money for those that already have it and in many instances “selects” the nominee before hand. HRC was selected by the DNC super delegates as the nominee way before she even declared as this article states. Now I would propose that ALL candidates declare themselves on the same date, run for 3 months and have an Election Day on a Saturday on ALL the states opened to anybody that wants to vote for any of the candidates of BOTH parties and any other party that want to present candidate(s). The winner is the nominee. Done

  6. In other actual news – The Republican Party will nominate a “textbook racist” •••clown as their candidate for President.

  7. You cannot be both a democracy and an Empire.

    If you try, you’ll end up like the UK used to be – and still is in some ways.

  8. Our country is republic not a democracy. And too the republic for which it stands. One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all. It should go back to the way it was, ran by the people, not by the corporate globalist bankers or the super delegates, the electro votes you can’t trust. The last election felt fixed anyway.

  9. There are clearly no longer free presidential elections in America; Trump is a Potempkin candidate. As far as presidential elections are concerned, America is no longer a democracy.

  10. We Berners will not vote for a criminal or a pig. IF Trump takes office itll be little difference than if she takes office, different flavor is all. And you mindless thoughtless uneducated on the candidates and issues hillbots will be to blame for supporting someone that has repeatedly CHEATED voters out of their votes all across the nation. And it is THIS SINGLE ISSUE that we should all be very very concerned about. But nay, you hillbots cry things like ‘Bernies a whiner!’ Damn fools! IF all the ‘irregularities’ that have been recorded were JUST irregularities than a proportional amount would have resulted in favoring Berners and Bernie as much as it has her. That has not happened. Wake the f….k up, you damn sheeple! Wake up!! Will it take rioting and deaths for you to wake up??

  11. CBunny — the other irony with the HRC crowd — our vote does NOT matter in the primary – but we’d better fall into line and vote for HRC in the presidential race.

    If our vote doesnt matter in the primaries, why will it matter in the presidential race? What would have changed — people do not reason things through.

    Yeah, our vote matters all right but if it cant be counted in the primary, the Clintonians may have created a monster that could bite their butts come the next phase

  12. It’s high time for spokes to be thrown into the wheels of the democratic and republican parties.

    Would be great if both a sane Republican candidate and Sanders announced they will fight on — via alternate or new party tickets.

    It’s time to challenge this process. It’s failing us anyway; we need more parties. We are 1 step away from a dictatorship with just 2 parties

  13. The issue now is to take the powerful support Bernie gathered and force Clinton to the left; she’s wobbled on trade, pledged no Social Security cuts… Let’s not catch the disease that has put a purple and malodorous fuzz on the GOP and try to argue that if we Bernie fans don’t get 100 percent of our demands, then the process is bullshit. The process leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s what we’ve got, and it ain’t bullshit.
    And as far as Trump no worse than Clinton, good lord give me a break. Think! You really think Trump is going to look out for the average guy or gal? To him, we’re losers!

  14. There is little difference between Trump and Clinton, except he is a bona fide racist and HRC panders to lobbyists.

    As presidential candidates, neither has successfully articulated their plan for tackling our nation’s problems. Neither one has stamina. For her part, HRC has backed down many occassions on key issues to avoid hurting her image. It is naive to think either one cares about anything beyond obtaining the White House

    Howard Dean was quoted today saying no one wants to be remembered as Ralph Nader, in a veiled reference to Bernie Sanders.

    Nader, to those of us with a political memory, did an outstanding job as a consumer advocate and opened the way for alternate parties in the 2 party-system we are stuck with. If anything, no one remembers Dean and he wishes he had accomplished half as much as Nader

    Sanders, no matter what happens to his bid, has made a tremendous impact and flung the doors open for alternate candidates. He has also raised famously no-go issues for campaigning candidates such as support for Netanyahu and the right. Sanders has exemplified candidates can have backbone and compete too

  15. Why is it not possible to do as Sergio above suggests. Sure when carrier pigeons were the equivalent of the internet… but seriously? Out here, in the rest of the world, the US system looks antiquated, at best. A system where elections are not held on the same date, where the voting system is different state to state and where it is not illegal for the press to influence the result by reporting “results” during the election process. Other countries do things like making it illegal to report the election on election day until after the polls close and sometimes within a 24 hour period prior to the polls.
    Its almost like having a jury system where one of the jurors tells Fox news that the verdict has been decided before deliberation has begun and the other jurors in the case are watching the news.
    Superdelegates are almost the equivalent of having jury members with a familial/personal relationship to the victim of a criminal case against the alleged offender.

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