Hillary Clinton roasts Donald Trump on Foreign Policy

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“During her foreign policy speech, Hillary Clinton roasts Trump’s ideas – or what she calls “bizarre rants.” She talks about how a Trump presidency would be a historic mistake for America.”

AJ+: ” Hillary Clinton Crushes Donald Trump In Foreign Policy Speech”

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  1. The problem with Hillary Clinton’s “foreign policy” speech is she spent most of the time roasting Donald Trump. She is beginning to emulate Trump. Instead of detailing her positions on issues, she sounds no better than the three Republican candidates (Trump, Rubio, and Cruz) trashing each other. Sheeeesh!

  2. I wish Clinton had spent more time on her foreign policy and less time attacking Trump. She is beginning to sound like Trump, Rubio, and Cruz when they did nothing but attack each other. No point in getting down to Trump’s level.

  3. For those with “mommy issues” – try watching the entire speech, not the edited version.

    link to youtube.com

    Nominee Clinton makes valid and correct points.

    The presumptive Republican nominee is an unqualified ***clown and Mrs. Clinton nails it.

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