Sen. Lindsey Graham: Can’t Support Trump b/c of ‘Un-American’ Racism re: Latino Judge

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“The former GOP presidential hopeful and current Senator form South Carolina speaks with NBC News’ Hallie Jackson about the “flawed choices” he and Americans are left with on the election ballot this year.”

NBC News: “Lindsey Graham: ‘Not Supporting Mr. Trump’ Or Hillary Clinton”

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  1. The Republican Party has self-destructed by allowing proudly racist media •••clown Donald Trump to wear the label, “Republican.”

    With “textbook racist” Paul Ryan terming Trump as a “textbook racist,” any leadership Republicans had in the House has been exposed as a vacuous dribbler of duplicity, totally unworthy of public office. As proof, “textbook racist” Paul Ryan is unwavering in his support for a much more obvious “textbook racist.”

    Those claiming to be “Republican” but endorsing racist candidates are not real Republicans but are, in-fact, dangerous right-wing extremists who have attached themselves to the label like a festering of Hämorrhoiden waiting for relief. (No offense to Hämorrhoiden intended.)

    The disassembly of the Republican Party over the last generation into a gaggle of 1% toadies, h8ers, Un-American extremists and egomaniacal media ***clowns has been alarming to witness.

  2. The media and the Left all ways have a way of twisting words and thoughts. It was a temporary ban on people. Build a wall. We already have a double wall but the rangers have bee told to stand. We need a Texas wall.
    Trump will bring a 2 X 4 to Washington. Hilary will sit and do nothing while Bill collects money from his speeches. People wake up and smell the coffee.

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