Did the FBI Tell Orlando Shooter’s ex-Wife Not to reveal He Was Gay to Media?

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In an interview with Brazilian TV, the ex-wife of Omar Mateen claimed the U.S. agency told her to keep quiet about his homosexuality.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation told the former wife of the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, Sitora Yusufiy, not to speak of his homosexuality or the fact that she, his family and others believed he was gay, Yusufiy’s current fiance, Marco Dias, told a Brazilian TV channel in an interview.

Dias told the Brazilian television station SBT Brazil Tuesday that Yusufiy believed Mateen was gay and that his father called him gay several times in front of her. However, “the FBI asked her not to tell this to the American media.”

Since the attack, Mateen has been dubbed an “Islamic terrorist” by politicians, senior officials and commentators in the U.S. following reports he had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group.

However, the idea that he could have been a closet-homosexual indicates that the Orlando shooting might have been a deeply felt and personal act of hate.

The FBI and law enforcement in the United States have so far been pursuing the “Islamist terrorism” angle and their alleged demand from Mateen’s ex-wife to keep mum about his homosexuality suggests they want to downplay the personal and self-hating nature of the attack in favor of the Islamic terrorism-related one.

Since his attack on the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, the developing narrative surrounding Mateen’s life is that of a troubled human being who had a history of domestic violence, a struggle with his sexual orientation, as well as an inclination toward a radical version of Islam.

However, in addition to recently pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group, Mateen had previously shown support for both al-Qaida and Hezbollah, who have radically different interpretations of Islam and are in fact bitter enemies.

This suggests Mateen had an extremely shallow and confused understanding of Islam as he failed to comprehend the social and political differences between the diferent groups. Hezbollah are currently fighting against the Islamic State and other radical Sunni groups in Syria.

Furthermore, Yusufiy has told the media that her ex-husband started to emotionally and physically abuse her just months into their marriage. She said he exploded in anger and often beat her while also keeping her hostage, which led her family to “literally rescue” her from the abusive relationship and Mateen’s mental instability.

To add to this a former male classmate of Mateen said he had been asked out romantically by the mass shooter, who was reported to be a regular at the Pulse nightclub, having visited it more than a dozen times over the years.

Reports also suggest the attacker used several gay dating apps and communicated with several users. Kevin West, a regular at Pulse, told the Los Angeles Times he had exchanged messages with Mateen on an app.

And now, it seems the overwhelming reports and testimonies pointing to Mateen’s personal motives are forcing the FBI to pursue a different angle.

On Wednesday gay dating apps Jack’d and Grindr said they had been contacted by the FBI as part of the Orlando shooting investigation. They also said they could not provide information on whether Mateen had profiles on those sites as such details are now part of a classified investigation.

A spokesman for dating app Grindr also indicated they have been contacted by authorities. In response to an inquiry from BuzzFeed News, the company announced: “We will continue to cooperate with the authorities and do not comment on ongoing investigations.”

Similar attacks by troubled white men in the U.S. against minorities are rarely referred to as terror attacks by either law enforcement agencies or the media, which points to a troubling trend that links the label terror to non-white Muslim attackers only.

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  1. The second wife was reported to be divorced and one year older than Mateen, too. In Central Asian cultures, this is not the norm. Almost always, a woman would be preferred who is much younger and inexperienced marriage-wise ahem.

    Marriage to an older and divorced woman would likely prompt gossip about the groom’s orientation, given these kind of circumstances

  2. Homosexuality is NOT a mental illness; it was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the official list of disorders that is published by the American Psychiatric Association, 43 years ago. Even when it was listed, committing mass murder was not among the symptoms.

    Your assertion that Omar Mateen was driven by internal conflicts is based on antiquated and disproven theories about the origins of homosexuality (Our distant fathers and too intimate mothers made us gay, etc.). And I will point out that the only other people who believe in this theory are right wingers, such as Joseph Nicolosi, who provide therapies that are intended to “cure” homosexuality.

    I get that some folks on the left wants to discredit the assertion that this was Islamic terrorism, but how about you find an argument that is based in fact and science instead of saying that LGBT people are sick.

    • I belive you misunderstand the implications of the story. No one is suggesting that he committed this ateocity because he was gay or that being gay is a disease. Although I am clearly no expert, I believe that the implication is that he was raised in an environment that was strongly , if not violently, homophobic and that, as ayouth he internalized those prejudices. When (and if) he later discovered that he himself was drawn to men, he was forced to hide his orientation, not only from family and friends, but even from himself. It was this internalized conflict that caused him to act out, and that his so called Islamic radicalism was merely a cover since he seemed to actually know so little about Islam. In other words, he might have gotten tothe same place if raised ina very strongly fundamentalist Christian environment. This may all be hogwash, but I believe that is the implication of the story.

    • The article does not imply or state that LGBT people are “sick”. It states that Omar Mateen was mentally ill and it implies that the source of his illness was his own conflicted feelings about being a gay man. He clearly was not an adherent to the strict rules governing Muslim behavior regarding the consumption of alcohol and socializing with gay men.

      The word “science” doesn’t even appear in the article.

      The three facts cited are: Mateen’s ex-wife’s and former colleagues suspicion, confirmed by experience, that he was, in fact, gay; the fact that his behavior (e.g. drinking alcohol, socializing with gay people in bars and online) are strictly forbidden by Islamic morality; and the fact that Mateen didn’t even understand the extreme differences between Islamist factions such as Hezbollah and al-Qaeda.

      Duncan, learn to react to what is actually stated. The author is clearly not implying or stating that LGBT people are “sick”.

  3. “The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation told the former wife of the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, Sitora Yusufiy, not to speak of his homosexuality or the fact that she, his family and others believed he was gay, Yusufiy’s current fiance, Marco Dias, told a Brazilian TV channel in an interview.”

    The above-cited quote from this piece, concerning the fiance of Mateen’s former wife telling a Brazilian TV channel during an interview of a supposed exchange between the former wife and the FBI is a pretty thin reed upon which to make any assumptions. Talk about third-hand sourcing with no evidence!

    The FBI is a very professional law enforcement organization, and I seriously doubt that investigators would tell the former wife to withhold or cover up information she may have had regarding Mateen. This piece represents unprofessional journalism (if one can even call it journalism) at its worst, assuming information from a third-hand source as true without any corroborating evidence.

      • No, it was reported by Telesur, the Venezuela-based news service sponsored by Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and a few others. Unimpeachable, I’d say.

  4. It strikes me the attacker was above all mentally ill. His terrorism claims were deeply intermixed with his illness, but to the extent he recognized his illness he likely ascribed it to the dysfunction of American society itself, perhaps even as a conspiratorially-directed attack against himself and others by unseen political forces.

    It may also be that humdrum quotidian life had become secondary to him as he entered deeper and deeper into an Internet-enveloped fantasy world of psychosomatic dependence, which in itself was a sort of virtual medication for his dysphoric and depressive states. The Internet-filtered ‘ontology’ became more real, more directing, than actual reality, which either was the source of the dysphoria, or could do little to compete against the narcotic and palliating power against said dysphoria afforded by the Internet. The Internet, as a narcotizing agent-cum-source of information, afforded a toxic blend of narcotized or intensely psychosomaticized ideas, namely the subconscious desire to becoming permanently integrated into its now indispensable virtuality, an occurrence which could be ‘materialized’ through his own dematerialization, i.e. death, through a heinous yet socially (and perhaps even historically) significant traumatic event: i.e. an extremely high ‘kill rate’ attack tinged with potentially highly resonant and delineating political messaging. Indeed, as the killer was in the midst of his attack, it has been reported, he repeatedly checked Facebook and other online media for reflexive manifestations of his attack, yet the Internet was not simply a mirror of his acts, but the impulser of his feelings and thoughts, i.e the primary prism of his personal reality–his death during the unforgettably devastating attack would insure that his life would be ‘uploaded’ to the highest degree informationally and technologically possible onto the Internet, he would finally be fully integrated into his primary, most real, essential and necessary sphere of existence. He would lose his soul, according to normal human quotidian accounting, but enter the ‘heaven’ of an enveloping virtuality where everything was permissible, relative, and forgiven.

  5. I fully understand the implications of this story just as I fully appreciate that some folks on the left want to assert that Omar Mateen was not a jihadi, but was driven by some internal conflict over his alleged homosexuality.

    In all circumstances and in all cases, homosexuality is NOT a mental illness. A person cannot be made sick by something that is not a sickness. Is that clear enough?

    Homosexuality was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the American Psychiatric Association’s official list of disorders, in 1973. Ego-dystonic sexual orientation, which is the state being described in this article, was removed from the DSM in 1987 because there was not a shred of science that supported its continued inclusion. According to the experts, the conditions being explicitly stated and implied in this article DO NOT EXIST.

    Equally important, this theory, which is gaining some support on the left, took a hit in the Times article that William cited. It says “Federal law enforcement officials said Thursday that the F.B.I. is increasingly skeptical of reports that Mr. Mateen was gay but ‘closeted,’ that he had been visiting gay clubs or that he had used gay dating apps.”

    Sadly, these killings are not the first horror to fall on the LGBT community, but we’re not going to put up with any uninformed armchair psychology from the left.

    • Two Questions:
      1. Why would gay club-goers lie about this guy being gay?.It seems the gay community in Miami startd this rumor, although the FBI may end up debunking it.
      2. The gay community justifiably talks about the intense pressure on gays to stay in the closet and therefore advocates for people to come out so as not have to suffer the psychological and physical pain of repression. The issue being discussed is not the APA’s previous and current view of homosexuality. The issue erole sexual repression played on the killer Part of the profile of other mass killers has been their social and/or sexual isolation, whether gay or straight.

  6. I certainly never heard anything about his “homosexual tendencies” except on the morning of the attack and every day thereafter.

    What she did forget to say for quite a while is that she was texting with him while he was shooting the place up. my guess is that the FBI didn’t suggest that.

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