Koch Bros. Shill Glenn Beck suspended for agreeing with Brad Thor that Trump might have to be Taken Out

Joya Mia Italiano and Elliot Hill | (TheLipTV Video Report) | – –

“Glenn Beck has been suspended from satellite radio company SiriusXM after one of his guests made a threat against Donald Trump. Fiction author Brad Thor appeared on The Glenn Beck Program last Wednesday and said the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is a danger to America and that citizens would have to step up and remove him from office through illegal means if he oversteps his constitutional authority as president. Beck agreed with Thor’s comments, leading to his suspension by SiriusXM. We look at the controversial exchange on the Lip News with Joya Mia Italiano and Elliot Hill.

Glenn Beck Suspended from Sirius XM Over Trump Threats

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  1. Jesus, I’m actually hoping for a wedge to be driven between a few hundred thousand armed neo-Confederates and about fifty million normal fascist bigots so they can slaughter each other over arcane points of far-right ideology and the rest of us can wake up to the evil of all of them.

    The problem is, this starts to look like al-Nusra versus ISIS while sane people just want to force Assad to hold real elections.

  2. Is this a joke? Obama has consistently, like WBush, overstepped his constitutional authority as president. That is the new normal.

  3. watch tea party founding father, faux news all-star, and “libertarian” glenn beck call for the wall street bailout to be increased from $700 billion to “at least” $2 trillion. see who these GOPropagandists really serve: link to mediamatters.org

  4. Oh the hypocrisy. Right wing authoritarians have been carrying on for decades about all the people who need to be killed and as long as the proposed victims are liberals or foreigners no one on the right has made a peep against it. Made a noise about a real life fascist and all of a sudden death threats are unacceptable. (spits)

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