Trump ‘a thin-skinned racist bully’: Elizabeth Warren’s Full Evisceration

Sen. Elizabeth Warren | (Video of American Constitution Convention Speech) | – –

“Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary Clinton – VP Joe Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren Remark at National Constitution Society Conference Dinner – Elizabeth Warren ACS Convention FULL Speech SLAMS “THIN SKINNED RACIST BULLY” Donald Trump.”

Full Speech: Elizabeth Warren DESTROYS Donald Trump During ACS Convention (6-9-16)

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  1. Donald Trump supporters are those who have fumed about persons-of-color living in their White House for eight long years. The same supporters h8 Hispanics, Muslims and brown people in general. Wall, exclude, take that pledge!

    So, it is no surprise these very same h8ful supporters have serious “mommy issues” when reacting to the eventuality that a person of the female gender will be our President and perhaps the Vice President, as well.

  2. Lizzie Warren took an axe,
    gave the Donald forty whacks.
    When she saw that she was done,
    she gave the ‘Baggers forty one.

    Yah, I’m mature. :)

  3. Shorter version: Please vote for Hilary. Even if it was the Clintons who stripped the Glass-Steagel Act in ’99 which paved the way for the ’08 crash and Wall Street bailouts. And forget about those speeches they were paying Hilary $250,000 a pop. Let’s face it $250,000 is penuts compared to the billions the Wall Street banks stole…what was she talking about again? Oh yeah, Donald Trump

    • All those talking points in one tiny paragraph, amazing! But reference to emails and Benghazi are missing.


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