Obama to Send 4000 US Troops to Bolster NATO Force Against Russia ‘Aggression’

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The western military bloc has been increasing its presence and activity around Russian borders.

Polish President Andrzej Duda welcomed on Friday the decision of NATO to station a U.S. battalion in Poland to bolster the eastern flank of the military alliance, increasing troop numbers by up to 4,000.

“We are pleased that the United States is providing such a decisive support to the reinforcement of the military potential of the North Atlantic alliance in our part of Europe,” Duda said as he delivered joint statements with U.S. President Barack Obama.

The 28-member NATO alliance will formally agree to deploy four battalions totaling 3,000 to 4,000 troops in the Baltic states and Poland on a rotating basis to reassure eastern members. According to NATO, the troop increase is to defend them against any “Russian aggression.”

“Poland is going to be seeing an increase in NATO and American personnel and the most modern, capable military equipment because we will meet our Article 5 obligations to our common defense,” Obama said.

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland – all NATO members – have requested a permanent NATO presence, citing fears that Moscow will seek to destabilize their pro-Western governments through cyber attacks, stirring up Russian speakers, hostile broadcasting and even territorial incursions.

Russia cites the same concerns regarding the United States and its allies, who contibute millions of dollars per year for these type of activities against Russia’s government through U.S.-funded bodies such as the National Endowment for Democracy and Radio Free Europe.

The Kremlin said it was absurd for NATO to talk of any threat from Russia and it hoped “common sense” would prevail at the Warsaw summit. Moscow remained open to dialogue with NATO and was ready to cooperate with it, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a conference call with journalists.

Since the Ukraine Crisis and Crimea reunification in 2014, NATO broke off ties with Russia. The U.S. has had more of a presence in the region in an attempt to reassure its allies in Eastern Europe as well as to deter Russia.

Russia has said NATO is an aggressor given recent movement of troops and military hardware further into Eastern and Central Europe, as well as continued recruitment of these states into NATO’s sphere of influence.

In May, Russia called a U.S. missile defense site in Romania a security threat. The United States said the US$800 million shield will help defend Europe from attacks.

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17 Responses

  1. Disgraceful continuous use of military force and threats. US. has become a monster of aggression unable to use diplomacy . Another grave error pushed by Obama.

    • Russian troll. The US is “unable to use diplomacy”?

      Then why are 28 European nations lining up with the US and none with you Russians?

    • You might not be so glib in your condemnation of the U.S. and NATO reinforcing their presence in Poland and the Baltic states if you bothered to review a little history. Poland and the Baltic states are requesting a greater NATO presence because they, unlike you, have not forgotten that history.

      Under the terms of the Secret Protocols of the Nazi-Soviet Non-Agression Pact, signed August 23, 1939, Germany and the Soviet Union divided Poland between them, and the independent Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania were ceded to Russia. On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded and occupied its assigned portion of Poland. On September 17, the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east and occupied its portion, thus wiping Poland off the map.

      In early August 1940, the Soviet Union, under the terms of the Secret Protocol, incorporated Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania as constituent republics of the Soviet Union. Like Poland, the Baltics lost their independence.

      It has been a history of Russian aggression against Poland and the Baltic states, coupled with a large Russian buildup along their borders today, that has driven the increased NATO presence. The U.S. and NATO response is a perfectly legitimate defensive measure in light of the history of Russian aggression.

      • So, I guess you think it would be OK for Russia or China to “contain” America with bases and missiles because the US took TX, ARIZ, etc. from Mexico, and the French used the Canadian border to launch beaver-hunting expeditions on US soil?
        Our US is the world’s aggressor, all the world knows it but Americans, us Exceptional Ones! Most of the world is simply not our exclusive business.

        • Poland and the Baltic states are members of NATO, a defensive alliance, and they have requested a greater NATO presence in their countries to counter the Russian buildup along their borders.

          The last time I checked, Mexico and Canada are on friendly terms with the United States, have a trade agreement (NAFTA) with the United States, and have no need for a defensive alliance with Russia or China. Thus, no need for Russia or China to “contain” the United States along the Mexican and Canadian borders.

          Yours is a false equivalency that bears no relationship to reality.

  2. Readers might like to review the instructions for setting up your home bomb shelter. Looks like we won’t have to wait for Clinton to really threaten Russia. Meantime, what’s happening in the “Pivot to Asia?” Too bad we don’t have a government that would pivot back to the pressing needs of the US rather than waste billions on planes that do not work…except for the bottom line of the contractors.

  3. dada_drop

    With the incredible success of the Middle East efforts, seems like right time to expand fight to Eastern Europe..up against Russia.

  4. Lillian you are a bit soft…….Don Juan please call this what it is crazy…..Obama in my opinion has followed the same policies as Bush adding this “war” with Russia. Why? Because of Crimea? Ukraine? Actually half of it which in my books is “Russian”. The USA can invade any country it wishes answering to no one; make a mess of the Middle East and North Africa; Coup in Honduras; Undermine Venezuela who use to give free gas or was it petrol to N.Y. Amazing…..and the world is silent with good reasons: MONEY from the USA…..

  5. Sergio Lira Sr.
    1 hr · Los Angeles ·

    I’m really getting sick of this country, my adoptive country and its governing olygarchy……there is NOBODY up there in government that I trust to lead US out of this quagmire ( I trust Sanders, but what chance does he have with a Congress dominated by mostly white extreme conservative men?). We have been bombarding and killing around the world and guess what? We here in the “land of the free” are affraid of our own, hence we kill. We kill each other in larger quantities than any so called “terrorist attacks”. We even stop to look at the killings to define them: Is it a hate crime? Is it a terrorist attack? Is it both? Is it a racial hate crime? Is it an LGBT murder of hate? Was he/she armed or not? Did the victim have a previous criminal record, as if that is so bloody important? A change of lanes? DIE. A broken car light? DIE. Anything and everything is more important than a bleeding human being in front of your eyes. On this day when 52 years ago my father died of a stroke I mourn for him and for all the victims on the killing fields this country has become. I cry and I worry for my grandchildren and grandnieces and I realize profoundly how other racial and ethnic groups worry about their children’s safety no matter how old they are.

  6. Interesting comments by the German FM who has called NATO a gang of warmngers and wants no part of a new Cold War.

  7. NATO is supposed to be a defensive alliance. Instead it is acting aggressive. Russia is not threatening Europe at all. It is NATO organizing military exercises at the borders of Russia. Poland is belligerent counting on NATO to bail them out. The West meddled in the Ukraine taking out an elected government. Putin was perfectly willing to work with Western powers. He wants to sell Russian oil to the Europeans, he is not interested in war that would destroy Europe. It would be a war far removed from American borders.
    Russia has no troupes in Mexico or in Canada. Putin defends Russian interests against the aggressors in the NATO.
    It was Putin, Schroeder and Chirac who opposed the invasion and destruction of Iraq. They knew the truth just as Bush and Blair knew the truth, they knew there was no evidence of WMDs. We, the people knew, and we demonstrated because of it. There was no evidence at all and the Chilcot report confirms it. But they don’t dare call it a war crime , what it really is. And we are going for more of the same.

  8. Poland is repeating its foolish and suicidal behavior of the Second World War, in which it began the actual combat based on the empty promises of support of France and the U.K. This time it’s the U.S. making Poland a target for nuclear annihilation. 4000 troops won’t stop Russia. But they will drag the U.S. into a war. (While Poland started actual fighting in WWII, the war was actually started in 1933 with the declaration of war against Germany “on behalf of all the Jews in the world” by the World Jewish Congress. At this point, no Jews had been interned as “enemy combatants” and Hitler had merely dismissed corrupt Weimar officials he then refused WJC demands to rehire them.)

    • Poland did not begin the actual fighting. Between August 26 and August 30, 1939, on Hitler’s orders three million men, 400,000 horses, 200,000 vehicles, and 5,000 trains advanced toward the Polish frontier. On August 30, Hitler gave the attack order.

      At 8:00 PM on the evening of August 31, there occurred the German-engineered event that you refer to, which had nothing to do with the Poles but provided the pretext for the German invasion. Sturmbannfuhrer Alfred Naujocks of the German Sicherheitsdienst (security service) led a party dressed in Polish uniforms, including a dozen convicted criminals, in a mock assault on the German radio station at Gleiwitz in Upper Silesia.

      Shots were fired, Polish patriotic slogans were broadcast, the “attackers” withdrew, and SS machine gunners then killed the convicts. Their bodies were displayed in Polish uniforms as “evidence” of Polish aggression. With this pretext in hand, the German invasion of Poland began on September 1.

      This German “assault” on the radio station in Polish uniforms has long been known as the “fig leaf” that served as the flimsy pretext for the German invasion.

  9. Improvisationally or otherwise, the Brexit campaign was a coup for the most radical and buccaneering elements within Britain’s reactionary oligarchy. Britain will now be both empire-less and Europe-less, set politically and institutionally adrift from the solidarity of concerted progressive and social democratic action in the political centers of an albeit neoliberal, yet essentially pacific, EU. A ship of foolish (i.e. fooled) Brexiters indisputably controlled by the most oligarchical faction of diminished Britain’s neoliberal elite. The future, an identity-less post-modernized aircraft carrier of American hegemony on the North Atlantic, guarding Europe’s Western door for the benefit of the latter, in other words, its gaoler/confiner against vitality, influence, and expansion in the North Atlantic region, perfidious bookend to the Ukraine’s own American (bicephalic) satellitic function against the security of both Russia and EU. The loss of Britain and the “gain” of Ukraine are indisputable, perhaps fatal, disasters for the independent security of a unified Europe caught between a passive, but nuclear Russia, and an equally nuclear, but manifestly “preemptively” aggressive U.S.

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