Islamophobia Kills: German Munich shooter admired Breivik, Killed Turks

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

The shooter at a Munich mall last week who killed 9 and left 27 wounded was an admirer of far right wing Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, and appears to have hated Muslims.

Although David Sonboly was of Iranian heritage, he does not seem to have been a Muslim and appears to have felt no connection to that community.

Iranians are mostly Shiite Muslims who are often victimized by ISIL, so it wasn’t ever very likely that his rampage was inspired by that organization.

The current insistence by politicians and journalists on treating anyone with a drop of Middle Eastern blood as a “Muslim” is frankly racist. After all, millions of people of Christian heritage would now insist that they are not Christians. Why can’t people from Muslim families convert to other things, too? Sonboly appears to have considered himself a Christian or at least a Westerner.

As with many mass killers, the 18-year-old likely had mental problems. But to the extent that he was driven by ideology, it was the that of the Islamophobia Network. Sonboly was part of a far-right anti-Muslim tendency that now haunts Europe .

As many attacks in Europe are carried out by the white far right as by Muslims.

The ambiguities of identity were on display in this case, since Sonboly shouted “I am German!” at the Turkish-Germans he targeted, whom he called ‘Fucking Turks.’ He seems to have blamed practicing Muslims for creating the conditions of prejudice toward people who looked like him in Germany.

But many Germans of Turkish heritage belong to the minority Alevi community and tend to be unreligious in Germany. One of his victims was Greek but had a Muslim name– likely therefore to have been from Greece’s Albanian minority. That young man threw himself in the line of fire to protect his sister.

As it becomes clear that the Munich shooting was not ISIL but rather Western Far Right in inspiration, the case will likely quickly fade and no longer be mentioned on the floor of Congress or in the pages of our elite newspapers. They have another master narrative, and David is just too uncategorizable for it.


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  1. Indeed. Actually the US news networks were the only once in the entire world who at once reported this as another ISIL attack.

    CNN even produced an ‘eye witness’ who spoke about the killer yelling ‘allahu akbar’. No other news channel in the entire world reported this! And of course it turned out to be complete nonsense.

  2. Of course-if he is not a Muslim he must be mentally unstable, especially is he is a Christian. We might remember the “American terrorist” Catholic Tim McVeigh from the last century.

    • Tim McVeigh may have been Catholic by birth, but he was actually a part of the Christian Identity movement, which is a directly and openly racist group with some strange and very violent extremist interpretations of the Bible

  3. “But to the extent that he was driven by ideology, it was the…….that of the Islamophobia Network.”
    Dropped word there.

  4. Of course, good luck trying to explain this to the American people. When a neighbor of mine went on a typical anti-Muslim rant after this, even before we knew this about the perp, I tried to explain to him that if the shooter was Iranian in heritage he was mostly likely Shiite and wouldn’t be following ISIS. Well, of course my neighbor couldn’t accept that and thought all Muslims are the same. Is it any wonder Trump has a devoted following?

  5. I’m really getting sick of my fellow Sanders supporters, anti-war people and other anti-Clinton factions claiming that Trump’s supporters are motivated primarily by justified anger about free trade, when I see them spending all their time screaming for something horrible to be done to all Moslems “just ’cause.” If they wanted economic justice, they would have all registered as Democrats to vote for Sanders in the primaries. They wanted the party that would create no barriers to collective punishment of Moslems in the USA. And then they would build on that legal precedent to attack other ethnicities. “First they came for the Moslems…”

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