Israeli opposition leader warns of ‘uprising of hatred’ in Israel

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BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog warned of what he called “growing hatred and racism” in Israel encouraged by right-wing politicians, adding that it could pave the way for further deadly violence, Hebrew-language news site NRG reported on Monday.

“We are on the verge of an uprising of hatred, racism, darkness and upcoming killings and assassination based on the overwhelming internal hatred here,” NRG quoted Herzog as saying during a speech at a Zionist Camp parliamentary bloc session on Monday.


“We hear hatred at every turn, whether it is directed towards women by military rabbis, by Ashkenazi Jews against Sephardi Jews and Mizrahi Jews against Ashkenazis, from military school rabbis towards homosexuals, or between Arabs and Jews,” the Labor Party leader added, notably in reference to the recent appointment of Eyal Karim, who has implicitly justified the rape of women in times of war, as the new chief rabbi of the Israeli army.

Herzog went on to blame the current Israeli government, which he said has encouraged the growing right-wing discourse in Israeli society.

“This way the seeds of the uprising of hatred are planted, which will lead to a civil war. This hatred is being carried out by the full support and cover of those in the government,” Herzog said.

“(Likud MK) Miri Regev will shed tears, (Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu will write a post on Facebook, and (Minister of Education) Naftali Bennett will call for self-assessment, but they will be the ones indicted this time,” Herzog added.

“Whoever heads this government remains silent about the uprising of hatred, without working against it, ending it, taking steps against its leaders, or preventing those behind it from receiving funding.”

“They have forgotten that protecting the weak is a major condition of being Jewish, in addition to tolerance and protecting democracy, values and morals. It seems that Netanyahu has forgotten the meaning of being Jewish,” Herzog said.

Earlier this month, Herzog denounced the passage of legislation requiring that Israeli NGOs reveal the sources of their public foreign funding — a law which has been denounced as an attack on left-wing Israeli organizations working to denounce Israeli occupation practices against Palestinians.

At the time, Herzog slammed the law for “symbolizing the budding fascism that is rising and flourishing in Israeli society.”

Via Ma’an News Agency

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  1. Israel is too weak and afraid to practice actual democracy. It’s too weak and afraid to be its actual best self. As an Isaiah or Jeremiah might say today, woe is to a people who falsely believe in their superiority while amorally acting from their worst instincts, because their punishment will be great and relief not forthcoming.

    • Re: “Actual democracy”

      The Israeli government is controlled by its national security structure.

      The story that has been splashed all over the media are the “Yitzhaki Files” – a dossier compiled against all 120 members of the Israeli Knesset – initiated without investigations and uncovering criminal evidence against dozens of members and also against at least eight cabinet ministers:

      link to

      link to

      link to

      This gives police leverage over the Knesset.

    • Israel is not weak. There is no democracy for a country that engages in an illegal occupation and genocide. Zionism has destroyed any possibility of a “best self” beginning in 1948.

  2. Fear, it seems is the current way of the world. Oh George, you really screwed up. And just wait till your Donald gets his key to the nuclear arsenal. We’ll all think Vlad is a saint by then

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