Russian & Iranian Press deplore Hillary Clinton Hawkishness; Israelis complain she’s Dove

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How is the international press responding to the Democratic National Convention and the formalization of Hillary Clinton’s status as the party’s standard-bearer in the presidential campaign?

BBC Monitoring helped me find these reports, which I’m paraphrasing or quoting from their translation:

Boaz Bismuth in the Hebrew edition of Yisrael Hayom (Israel Today), which is pro-Netanyahu, criticized the Democrats for their message that the US is unprecedentedly strong. He wrote that polls show Americans to be concerned about terrorism and rising crime. Then he pointed to the Syrian government siege of east Aleppo (with Russian aerial help) as another thing the US has to worry about.

This newspaper is given away free and is owned by allegedly corrupt US casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, so its talking points are Republican ones. Actually, crime is not rising in the US; violent crime is at historic low. And, while the siege of east Aleppo is troubling from the point of view of human rights (you’re not allowed to starve out civilians), it is hard to imagine most Americans caring, one way or another.

The Russian state-owned news agency RIA Novosti reported on 29 July that Vladimir Vasilyev, chief scientific staff member at the Russian Academy of Science’s USA and Canada Institute, said that the previous week,

Trump backed off from Russia and Ukraine . . . Then Trump called NATO an outdated organization, and said that it needs to reconfigure its operations, and that the main threat now is the fight against terrorism . . .Trump has given to understand that to this end, it is possible to develop cooperation with Russia, search for points of engagement, and fight against terrorism together. At a press conference on 27 July, Trump also said he was ready to agree to the return of Crimea to Russia and study the issue of lifting sanctions from Russia . . .”

Vasiliyev obviously loved what he heard from Trump. He saw Clinton as replying to Trump. He said she put Russia basically as the no. 2 threat facing the US after Daesh (ISIS, ISIL). He thinks she signalled that she would be harder on Russia than was Obama.

Source: BBC Monitoring trans of RIA Novosti, Moscow, in Russian 1040 gmt and 0855 gmt 29 Jul 16

As for Iran, IRNN was happy that the Democratic platform included support for the JCPOA, the Iran deal on Iranian enrichment. But it warned that the Dems also seem bent on harming Iran over its alleged support of “terrorism.”

Hirad (@Hirad1986) tweeted in Persian: “One of the reasons that Hillary is more dangerous than Trump is that Hillary is eager to start wars and can bring Europe on her side more easily.”

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  1. The tragedy here is that Juan Cole has to go to the BBC to learn about these very significant political points. Where is the American press? It is Just “suppressing” what may be obvious to the American public and in so doing giving Trump more credibility about “control”?

  2. All Iran has to do is call Trump a genius and a fabulous businessman and they will be his life long friend.

  3. Russian & Iranian Press deplore Hillary Clinton Hawkishness; Israelis complain she’s Dove

    IMHO the Russians and Iranians were accurate.

    • I agree with Bill. The tone of this article seems to imply that the Iranian and Russian press are just being silly, or propagandistic about this. Much of our own press here in the US considers Clinton much more Hawkish than Trump and also agree with Iran and Russia. the overwhelming majority of Bernie supporters also point this out. here are just a few from the NYT, Chicago tribune, salon etc…

      What’ll It be Folks: Xenophobia or Genocide?
      link to

      Hillary the Hawk ( Chicago Tribune)
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      How Hillary became a hawk (New York Times)
      link to

      Democrats, this is why you need to fear Hillary Clinton: The NY Times is absolutely right — she’s a bigger hawk than the Republicans (salon)
      link to

      This other piece from counter punch also points out that despite Trumps outlandish talk, he likely won’t be as warmongering as Clinton will
      link to

      • Juan cole himself even pointed this out in his article
        “Hillary Clinton goes full Neocon at AIPAC, Demonizes Iran, Palestinians”

        Hillary Clinton in the end is a warmongering Neocon who just happens to be pro-choice and supports Gay rights. And when she tries to form coalitions Europe will listen to her, when theyll be much more likely to Ignore Trump out of spite.

  4. trump is a fascist, hillary is not. she is a liberal. the russian response is predictable nationalism. but to present that the fascist represents anything better for their interest is like asking whether they ever heard of brest-litovsk

  5. Sec. Clinton’s hawkishness is what scares me the most about her. She wants to intervene in Syria, and seems willing to junk the Iran deal.

  6. One clarification, Juan. Yisrael Hayom is a political rag, which as noted in your post, is a GOP-leaning mouthpiece owned by Adelson. But coverage in mainstream publications, such as Ha’aretz and Yidiot are far more balanced.

  7. About the related video:

    Initially this Russian connection to the DNC hack sounds wacky but then you consider that Donald Trump’s campaign has sent fundraising emails to foreign elected officials and the only reason that’s known is due to multiple reports from publications in those countries. (Iceland, Scotland, Australia, and England)

    Makes you wonder what other foreign officials were sent emails but didn’t say anything publicly about it.

    So now Russia has Trump’s favor for some reason. Trump doesn’t include Russia in his list of who and what he will protect Americans from when that would have been an easy applause unfortunately.
    Add to that his comments about NATO and Trump’s request of Russia to look for Hillary’s deleted emails, would (showing a priority of beating his opponent over national security) It looks fishy.

    Is all of this bromance with Putin and Trump or do they have an arrangement?
    For Russia is this a twitter version of foreign governments hiring a lobbyist firm to influence government favor?

    This is not in support of Hillary’s or the Republicans position with Russia or Iran because I am not.
    I want the FEC to be be allowed to have teeth and do its job. The FEC should belong to the people.
    That would be a reality in a great nation.
    I want there to be penalties for candidates, politicians, pundits, new stations for lying to the people AND for that want not to be used as a talking point to empower a dictator to define what truth is.

  8. If you exclude the King piece-who has atomic bombs in the ME-the chess game is empty- ME talk-game.

  9. Well, who needs to pay any attention to what the press says about Clinton in Russia or Iran?

    You could take just one look for yourself, at the dozens of generals and admirals who gathered together to endorse Clinton’s nomination, and draw your own conclusions.

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