Sarah Silverman to Bernie or Bust folks at DNC 2016: You are being ridiculous | (News Video Clip) | – –

“Comedian and Bernie Sanders supporter Sarah Silverman took the stage along side of Al Franken to tell the crowd to unite and support Hillary Clinton during the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.” “Sarah Silverman to Bernie or Bust folks at DNC 2016: You are being ridiculous”

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  1. Uh, your thoughts? I notice you don’t give them.

    We can’t allow a Trump presidency. I had been saying I’d do my uje, and, when polls make clear CA is dark blue, vote Green. (Except Obama. I did vote for him.)

    But, I’m not sure I can trust polls. People might just lie.

    I have never supported either Clinton, too right wing. But we can’t have Trump, or, if he does outsource, Pence.

    I want the revolution to continue. The tiny percent of wingnuts took over. We should be able to, too. But Dems, or progressives, need to vote in EVERY ELECTION. And vote the whole ballot.

    I don’t want my country back. I want to live in a civilized country. That would be nice!

  2. Mari

    @newsytweets Silverman=prime example too much illicit drug use! Has NOclue what planet she’s on! Advice=don’t listen to a druggie!

  3. Politics_Please

    Why would it matter what a “celebrity” says?Having marched w the Bernie supporters in Philly, I can say none of them will vote4HRC.

  4. “Sarah Silverman to Bernie or Bust folks at DNC 2016: ‘You are being ridiculous.'”

    Actually it is Sarah Silverman, of whom I’d never heard, who is being worse than ridiculous — she is being wrong.

  5. Silverman is irrelevant but Franken is a great example of a “Clinton Democrat” or Republican Lite politician.
    He campaigned as a progressive but once in Office he has worked for ethanol producers, agribusiness and the Banks.
    The Clintons and the likes of Franken have turned the Democratic Party into the other party of the rich and given us essentially a one party phony democracy.

  6. Silverman is correct because Trump must be stopped. That’s all she’s saying. She *supports* Bernie!

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