Trump: Disarm Sec. Clinton’s bodyguards: & “let’s see what happens to her.”

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“During a Miami rally, Donald Trump wondered aloud what would happen to Hillary Clinton should her Secret Service detail be disarmed, saying “take their guns away, let’s see what happens to her.”

CNN: “Trump: Take guns from Clinton security, see what happens”

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  1. This is ridiculous. Trump gets a PASS repeatedly when he makes statements like the above. Just shows that the GOP has been morphed from a US political party. To a party that no longer hides it’s hate for America and is scared of the election process.

  2. If he was consistent, Trump would allow law-abiding people carrying guns to come to his rallies.
    If you follow his principles, his rallies ought to be places where his supporters with guns get to “empower law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves.” (Phrase quoted from DT’s campaign website)
    The media can do reporting with drones, or wear Kevlar and bring their own law-abiding gun carrying guards.
    It’s surprising that he isn’t packing heat as he speaks.

  3. What a hypocritical idiot. Trump was himself targeted recently. Wonder what would have happened to him without his security being there.

  4. The First Sixth Months of a Trump Presidency

    Month 1: Trump announces that all U.S law enforcement is obliged to carry out federal law and check immigration status during routine traffic checks. Thousands of undocumented people clog the prisons and states struggle to find enough planes and buses to carry out the mass deportations. Protests pop up all across the nation, then get out of hand and lead to major riots. The National Guard is deployed to quell the unrest. Local criminals take advantage of the chaos and begin looting.

    Month 2:
    Conservative and liberal militias spring up and openly do battle on U.S. streets. Car bombs and IEDs explode across the nation. The drought on the West coast intensifies and the cost of water skyrockets. Multiple Southwestern states have to ration electricity. Numerous small businesses go under.

    Month 3:
    Mexico gets upset over cuts in their water supply from the Colorado River. Trump tells the Mexican president that he doesn’t give a damn. Mexican drug lords organize a raid and take over the Imperial Dam on the Colorado River near the Arizona/Mexican border. Donald sends US troops to protect the dam. The Mexican president sends his own troops to protect Mexican citizens near the border. The Mexican cartels blow up the Imperial Dam and divert all the water across the border to their thirsty citizens. The fighting spreads from Yuma along the border, going west up to San Diego and east to Tucson.

    Month 4:
    People living in Yuma and Tucson are forced to flee, both to get away from fighting and because they are no longer getting water from the Arizona Canal. The water crisis intensifies and nervous business owners start to relocate away from Los Angeles, San Diego, Tucson, and Phoenix. The stock market plummets. In all the confusion, a team of Islamic State terrorists carries out simultaneous attacks that disable communication hubs for air traffic across the US and also trigger a severe multi-state electrical grid blackout.

    Month 5:
    The conservative and liberal U.S. militia groups blame each other and declare open war. The U.S. economy tanks as masses of Americans flee the fighting. A group of U.S. soldiers defect to form their own Neo-Patriot Army. They steal fighter planes and conduct bombing raids on universities, which they call hotbeds of liberal radicalism. The Presidents of China and Russia get together and insist that everyone come to the table and stop factional fighting. No one listens to them.

    Month 6:
    China, Russia, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia form an alliance and launch a set of blistering attacks on major U.S. military bases. The U.S. military is caught off guard as much of the U.S. military is either overseas, battling the Islamic State or is at home caught up in local civil fighting. China disables US computer systems with a cyber attack, then Russia drops a nuke on Washington, DC and a nuke on New York City, completely wiping out all the citizens that live there. The four allies then divide up the United States among themselves. The Mexicans get back all the land that they lost after the Mexican-American War including the southern half of California. The Russians take Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. The Chinese administer the rest of the country and send over settlers from China to restore the farmland in the Midwest. The Saudi’s make arrangements to run all the U.S. oil and natural gas concessions. President Trump flees with his family and hides himself in a mansion on a remote island somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

    • Also:

      Canada builds a partial “great southern barrier”, which causes the province of Alberta to attempt to succeed and become part of Trump’s America.

      Mass exodus ensures from that particular province.

      Trump supporters lynched in Toronto and Ottawa. Ezra Levant and the “Rebel Media” crowd are dragged out and shot/drowned in the Don River after they attempt to organize a “rising” of the alt-right in Canada.

      Trump supporters and alt-right fringe elements attempt to attack Hispanics and Middle Eastern non-Jews in Canadian cities, are put down with lethal force by police organizations. No tears are shed and the nation is better off for it.

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