The Shootings you Didn’t Hear Trump Denounce because, not Muslim

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

Cable news and social media in the United States don’t go into “OhmyGod there’s only One Story” mode about mass shootings unless they somehow involve Muslims. The downside of this procedure is that Americans think Muslims in the US are way more violent than they actually are, and have started to associate Islam with violence.

That shooting by hand gun in at a kindergarten playground South Carolina? I don’t think they obsessed about it on cable news. By the way, the firefighter who tackled the shooter and ended it was unarmed.

Then the Houston shooter who killed one and injured 9 but wanted to kill dozens and who was armed to the teeth (2600 rounds of ammo) and dressed in Nazi insignia– did that guy even get the “breaking news” logo and ominous music on basic cable? I mean, Erin Burnett said the other night that Trump addressing a rally in Florida was breaking news. That’s breaking news the way it is breaking news that he took a dump. And then they just turned over their airwaves to him (he went on to tell numerous lies with no fact checking). But did they spend any similar amount of time on the Nazi shooter in Houston? And, it is related, because we all know that the Neo-Nazis are a significant constituency for Trumpism.

That is, if we’re going to be hysterical about shooters and terrorism, maybe we should save some of our hysteria for having a guy in the White House who is so admired by and exciting to the racist far right.

Or there were the six killed in a mass shooting in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago.

Or a mass shooting in Baltimore with 6 victims, apparently an act of reprisal.

None of these mass shootings was politicized (though you would think Nazism is, like, political). None attracted much media attention. But if the shooters in any of these attacks had been Muslim, we would have never heard the end of it, especially from Trump.

Then of course the big gun manufacturers have bamboozled Americans into thinking there is nothing we can do about this cascade of mass shootings, when Australia fixed their similar problem with a single law. They are so powerful that Congress won’t even consider limiting firearms to suspected terrorists!

There is no social science reason to think Muslims are more violent than anyone else, over time. Catholic Colombia has signed a peace agreement with FARK, a welcome development, but for most of the past 30 years it has been one of the more violent societies on earth. (This had nothing to do with being Catholic or Colombian; it was a social struggle that coud have broken out lots of places). Mexico’s death from drug wars toll has been similar to the death toll in Iraq from political violence (the US bears some blame in both). Back in the 70s and 80s, Cambodian Marxists of Buddhist heritage polished off 1 in 6 Cambodians. And, I estimate that white people of Christian European ancestry rubbed out on the order of 100 million people in the twentieth century, if we count all the wars, revolutions and colonial massacres.

But Trumpism, which has taken over our national discourse, is all about ignoring nuance and facts, and going off half-cocked based on stereotypes and gut feelings.


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  1. Excellent response to lopsided media coverages of murderous events.
    ¿Does not controlled mediæ pre-date trump’s inability to be complete and truthful? hrc and trump as puppets.
    usa beginning to peek behind the curtain.
    Protest Loudly.

  2. The mainstream corporate media have almost always, if not always, been the propaganda outlet for the Establishment’s points of view. That applies from the national level down to regional and local levels that also relay the national establishment’s messages.

  3. When a non-Muslim commits a mass murder the generally accepted motivations are like mental instability, loner, trouble finding love (same sex or opposite), bad boss, bullied at school or work, affection for Hitler, loss of custody fight, loss of the Civil War……could be all of the above. The public generally accepts these rationals.

    When a Muslim does it, it’s radicalization. The FBI then intensely looks for the culprit. The popular notion seems to be that a Muslim in America that has family and cultural ties to the countries in the Middle East on whom the US has unleashed its military might, has no reason to be hostile towards us. If such hostility exists, the reason is radicalization by a sinister force. Even when the terrorist says that is the exact source of the hostility.

  4. Thanks Juan, yes it’s time the news media and politicians recognised that shooters can come from any sector of society. With regard to the Australian decision about guns it was actually harder than you implied because it took negotiation between the Federal and State and Territory governments to arrive at uniform legislation and agreement between the main political parties. In Australia that means agreement between nine governments. In America you would need agreement between fifty-one. Still, responsible political representatives should be able to do that.

  5. You should know that people end up on those watch lists and no-fly lists for no good reason–including the seven-month-old baby. I think we definitely need fewer guns in the country, but prohibiting gun ownership to people on the watch lists isn’t the way to go.

  6. Was the Nazi symbol a Swastika? If so it should be noted that the Houston shooter DeSai was probably a Hindu. The Swastika has a long ancient history.For a Hindu it is a symbol of “auspiciousness.” So it is likely he used it as a Hindu would understand it.

  7. This may have been a case of mental disorder or genuinely an isolated case. The issue is not whether he was a Hindu. It is “free, independent and unbiased news”, that we as a nation are so proud of.
    Jew, Christian, Hindu or Muslim: all are treated equal.

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