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  1. One variant of this plan is a hybrid arrangement in which the area adopts elements of both a one-state and two-state solution and would resemble an arrangement akin to the European Union as exists today:

    (1) the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel using pre-1967 “Green Line” borders would merge into an “economic union” as envisioned under the 1947 UN Partition Plan and have a single currency, no trade barriers, and a completely integrated economy;

    (2) The West Bank and Gaza would unite into a single state having its own Palestine National Council as its governing body with its own national security forces partially integrated with Israeli security forces into a joint body to administer Palestinian-controlled areas with the current hated “Civil Administration” dissolved and the IDF withdrawing as an independent occupying force, including its oppressive military tribunal system of justice;

    (3) Jerusalem to be under joint administration of Israel and Palestinian governments;

    (4) Arabs and Jews would have free movement between the respective states and the choice of being citizens of either Israel or Palestine with both countries being fully sovereign and allaying concerns that Israel would lose its “Jewish” character.

    This arrangement would be an economic boon to both sides and would inevitably lead to a lessening of tensions over time.

  2. Without Gaza or the right of return for Palestinians, the proposal does nothing to advance the rights of the majority of Palestinians.

    • This is just one more sleight of hand “breakable” promise, it means that Palestinians would be stripped of any remaining “rights”, to their great disadvantage, and they would be even more exposed to “Jewish State Inhumanity”. May I remind every reader that the word of any “Jewish State ” undertaking would be worth less than the paper it “might” be inscribed upon. The “Jewish State” religion, contains an annual process/prayer that provides automatic forgiveness/absolution for all commitments given/ made during the previous year remaining unfulfilled, RENDERING THEM NULL AND VOID. Further, all “Jewish State” adherents know that they may lie to and or kill any non-Jewish adherent with complete impunity; they have and they do for at least the last sixty years. All adherents of the “Jewish State”, religious/Political State, will ultimately fail, because they have all forsaken the one thing that could save them, they have all forsaken “Abraham’s Call” , this call, like all other Abrahammic utterances to Gods chosen peoples, was the will of God, nothing less. Now, I invite anyone that wishes to, to step up and argue the fault in my statements, setting aside the usual concomitant hypocrisy and flim-flam, because The Words of Abraham are tantamount to “Jewish State” law. Finally, it seems to me that the “Jewish State” has turned to their “Golden Shekels” and to pay and bribe to create their ungodly State, payment of gold being the only way for them to create their “Jewish State”, they have built another image of gold, and they worship it. They have always solved problems with gold, “Judas” springs very readily to mind. There follows here below, a complete list of everything the Samaritan “Jewish State” has done towards raising-up and sustaining their Palestinian Arab brothers and sisters. ……………………………………………………………………………………….?

  3. Just leave two million Gazans festering in the “largest open-air prison in the world”?

    If that’s the plan — and in this interview, Emanuel Shahaf says it is — then this is no solution at all.

  4. If the Palestinian exiles from 1948 (and progeny) can nreturn to pre-67 Israel as citizens, then I’d say OK. Of course it is not for me to OK anything any moire than it is for anyone else (other than Israelis and Palesetinians to OK anything).

    But because I deplore Israel’s your-cake-is-my-cake approach, I still recommend international (extreme) pressure on Israel to remove all settlers and demolish all settlement buildings (residential, communal, commercial) from within all territories now occupied (Golan and west Bank). After all, international law requires it and nothing at all justifies it. Israel had already (1948) taken 78% of Palestine; that is more (far more) than “enough”.

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