The Future is Here: Massive floating Wind Turbines off Scotland by 2017

The Economist | (Video Report)

“It is not just utility companies racing to respond to the rise of renewable energy. Oil and gas giant Statoil is building on four decades of offshore experience to erect its first floating wind farm.

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The Economist: “How does a floating wind turbine stand up?”

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2 Responses

  1. Suggested reading: just published The Switch by Chris Goodall, Profile Books, London. Author is billed as “a world leading expert on new energy technologies”. After reading, one can believe it. Book covers as complete a range of technologies and the current status of each (as of mid-2016) as I have seen. Highly recommended for understanding the status of the current epochal switch to renewable energy.

  2. This is truly amazing. Wind generators such as these would be perfect for the US eastern continental shelf. One of the main complaints against wind farms is their “unsightliness”. Floating turbines such as these could be placed far off shore out of sight, and still be in relatively shallow water. The Eastern US shelf in some places extends out 500 miles and is seldom deeper than 500 ft.

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