101st Illegal Land Grab: Israel Squatters Seize Palestinian-owned lands in Jordan Valley

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Late last week, Israeli settlers reportedly took over a Palestinian-owned area of land in al-Humma region of the northern Jordan Valley, and laid down an infrastructure, according to a local official.

Jordan Valley Panorama, h/t Wikipedia

M’otaz Bsharat, in charge of the settlement file in the Jordan Valley, said that settlers from the illegal Israeli settlements of Mechora and Sal’it, began placing wooden boards on land belonging to Palestinian residents in al-Humma almost a week ago.

Settlers laid further infrastructure, including electricity and water lines.

According to B’Tselem, an Israeli human rights center, since 1967, Israel has established over a hundred [squatter] settlements in the occupied West Bank.

“These settlements were established on vast tracts of land taken from the Palestinians, in breach of international humanitarian law.

“The very existence of the settlements violates Palestinian human rights, including the right to property, equality, a decent standard of living and freedom of movement,” the group stated, according to WAFA.


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  1. GrandmaOgre

    When are the Israelis going to stop holding up the Bible and calling it their deed to other people’s land.

  2. No surprises there. Obama continues the Condi Rice “unhelpful” comments while encouraging further takeovers. Why would Israel ever follow international law or any humanitarian or fair behavior while they get away with anything they do, blaming the victims?
    Notice Israel is the ONLY country to benefit from the destruction of Syria.

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