The Other Aleppo: A rare portrait of the Government-held Western City

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“We have seen the tragedy of East Aleppo which is under siege and fierce bombardment from the Syrian and Russian armies – but there’s another side to the city; a side of the war that is hidden from view. West Aleppo is home to around one and a half million people and is under the control of President Assad and his feared secret service. But most also live in fear of the Islamist rebels who are fighting the regime and who attack their side of the city.”

Channel Four News: “A rare portrait of Government-held Western Aleppo”

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2 Responses

  1. Western Aleppo is invisible for western journalists. No killings, no rubble, no hospital blasting, civilians going to church, to market. No Al-Qaeda, No news…

  2. “Aleppo before the war”…..Syria before the war. From everything I have read sure sounds like life was pure sanity compared to the human disaster that the U.S. has helped create there,

    Former U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford fueling the civil war, Clinton and Obama arming unknown rebels in Syria, Yes the U.S. should surely be held accountable for crimes against humanity in Syria…Libya….Iraq. Not just Assad and Russia

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