Does Trump’s lag prove the end of White Christian America?

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‘The United States is no longer a majority white, Christian country, and that is already beginning to have profound social and political implications. At 45 percent of the population, white Christians are a shrinking demographic—and the backlash from many members of the group against the increasing diversification of America has been swift and bitter. “People fight like that when they are losing a sense of place, a sense of belonging, and a sense of the country that they understand and love,” says Robert P. Jones, the author of ‘The End of White Christian America,’ in this animated interview. “How do they reengage in public life when they can’t be the majority?”’

The Atlantic: “We’ve Reached the End of White Christian America”

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  1. The double adjective “White Christian” describes a diminishing presence in the United States. I suspect, however, that it is the “White” that is diminishing, not the “Christian.”

    Consider that Christianity wields a strong presence in Black America, and much of it is of a fundamentalist variety (singing, waving of hands, testimony, “amen,” etc.) And Chrstianity in the U.S. may be growing with the increasing numbers of Hispanics, both Catholics and the exponentially increasing Protestant (much of it evangelical) variety. Additionally, Koreans represent a strong christian presence as well,.

    Before “Thanking God” for the diminishing presemce of White Christians, it would be wise to consider the fact that many Christians in non-White communities are very conservative. The California initiative on gay marriage resulted in 70 percent of Blacks voting against it. No doubt a like number can be found in the Hispanic community. Anyone who thinks a diminishing “White Christian” presence will result in a better America might exercise caution over what he wishes for. It makes little sense to replace one form of intolerance for another.

    • No, in percentage terms, Christianity itself is also shrinking, though you are right that it isn’t at the same rate as whiteness. Religious “nones” have gone from 8% 25 years ago to 15% today, and non-Christian religions have gone from 3% to about 5%. So the Christian proportion has gone down from 89% to 80%. Among Millennials, religious “nones” are at 33% and non-Christian religions also bulk larger, so the Christian proportion of the population in 30 years likely will go on down to 65%. Of course, Christian-heritage people will still be the vast majority, but if they don’t go to church, don’t believe a doctrine, and say they either don’t believe in God or don’t know if there is one, then calling them “Christian” is a stretch.

    • “….. (singing, waving of hands, testimony, “amen,” etc.) ”
      Not fundamentalist……African cultural artifacts.

      • Yes, fundamentalist. Southern Baptists, Pentacostalists, and other White sects of the fundamentalist variety do exactly the same thing.

  2. Linda K. Brown

    It only proves that people can’t hear if they choose not to listen–but still those of us on the left must listen too, and find a way to reach them.

  3. Heartland and southern white Christians are getting whacked from all sides. They are not only losing political and social power but also economic power and there is absolutely NOTHING they can do to reverse the trends.

    – Demographic trends show whites will continue to decline as a proportion of the total USA society. This is not just because of immigration (almost entirely legal, BTW) but a lower white birth rate. Even if whites were to suddenly increase their birth rate, the change would not really be reversed for decades, if at all. With a decline in population proportion comes a permanent decline in political power.

    – Demographic trends show that religion in general and Christianity in particular are declining in popularity. This is a slightly delayed mirror of a similar trend in Europe and many other parts of the globe. A illustration of the decline of religion in America is the number of “mega churches” that have had to consolidate or close. Also many of those that SAY they are religious are actually only marginally active, so most surveys of religiosity are VASTLY inflated. Humans are notorious hypocrites about their beliefs. Given all the sociological evidence, it is likely that religions will continue to decline to the point of irrelevance.

    – The BIG problem though, is the severe economic decline of white Christians, many of which either did not complete school or only have a high school degree. Their economic power has been devastated, mostly by technology trends which are causing technology to increase in capability AND decrease in cost in an exponential manner. No human can match the exponential changes brought about by technology.

    The white Christians are seeing rapid loss of power, sociological, political and economic, and they are extremely angry. BUT rather than try to adapt and thrive, they have chosen to follow the well documented human trait of fighting a losing battle to the bitter end. They will lose in the end.

    In REALITY, neither Trumpoer or any political entity, can “fix” their problems because there is no “fix.” The racial demographics trends are NOT going to change. The religious demographics trends are NOT going to change. The economic trends are NOT going to get better.

    The realistic things that white Christians should do are:

    – Accept that they will not have as much power and form coalitions with other groups. This will mean they will have to compromise their hard stances on most issues.

    – Understand that religion is a personal thing, be tolerant of others and know that the government can not legislate morality. They will just have to accept that their views are a minority view.

    – Adapt to the new economic environment. This means much more education and the willingness to move for economic gain. Virtually ALL of the jobs that have disappeared from America, are gone FOREVER and will NOT come back even if the USA were to build a giant economic wall preventing all imports.

    In other words, instead of anger, the white Christians should just quickly mourn their mythical past and learn to live with the reality of the present.

    The past is past and the future is vastly different, so adapt.

  4. No information is given about the percentage of white Christians who are upset about increased diversification. There are in fact many who welcome increased diversification. White Christians do not all have the same worldview or politics. Some are quite happy to see the nativist types losing control.

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