Those times the US meddled in other People’s Elections

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U.S. concern over alleged Russian foul play in this year’s election is ironic given decades of Washington’s deadly foreign intervention.

Revelations surfaced on Friday that a leaked document from the CIA has allegedly found that the Russian government had intervened in the U.S. election to help to elect Donald Trump.

For many, such a scenario seems unthinkable, but for decades successive U.S. administrations and the CIA have been meddling with other countries’ affairs backing foreign right-wing leaders across the world, with disastrous effects. We look at just some of the many examples.


In 2009, President Manuel Zelaya was preparing for a non-binding referendum to ask the electorate if they would support a change to the constitution. The right-wing with the support of the military and U.S. backing from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped to support a military coup against the center-left leader.


In 1954, the CIA helped launch a coup against Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz, the country’s only democratic government. The brutal intervention is estimated to have led to the deaths of at least 200,000 people and decades of genocide.

El Salvador

At least 70,000 Salvadoran are thought to have been killed in the country’s civil war from 1979-1992, where the majority of deaths were attributed to right-wing security forces and deaths squads, which were again given U.S. backing.


Not only has Washington’s blockade stripped the island of a massive US$753.7 billion since it was imposed in 1960, but the CIA helped to lead a band of Cuban mercenaries in their failed attempt to invade Cuba in April 1961. Late Cuban leader Fidel Castro is thought to have survived over 600 assassination attempts.


The U.S. along with other western powers supported former President Suharto for his anti-communist stance. Known as the Indonesian Genocide, Suharto carried out a national purge against suspected communists, with an estimated death toll reaching as many as 3 million. The CIA was known to supply the names of suspected communists to the Indonesian army and provide them with arms.


In 1953 the CIA along with help from the U.K. executed a coup known as “Operation Ajax” against Iran’s democratically-elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq. Mossadeq “crime” was that he wanted to nationalize the country’s oil industry.


Amid the raging U.S.-led war in Vietnam, Laos became the scene of a CIA “secret war” to cut supplies they believed were flowing to North Vietnamese communist troops. From 1964 to 1973, Laos became the world’s most bombed country per capita. While Obama this year apologized for “secret war,” the country is still plagued by unexploded landmines.


Again allegedly fearing communism, the U.S.-backed military dictator Augusto Pinochet overthrew democratically-elected president Salvador Allende in 1973 with the help of the CIA. Pinochet then ruled for 17 years and more than 3,200 people are thought to have been killed or disappeared, while more than 28,000 are estimated to have been tortured by his forces.


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  1. This is a good start but I would like to see the entire list to date which would include blatant activities close to the Russian sphere of influence; Kosovo, Ukraine, Georgia, Syria and others. In Africa; certainly Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia and generally throughout the continent. Latin America; Venezuela and possibly to some extent in Colombia , Ecuador and Bolivia. The list of suspects is greater yet, but the US hypocrisy is well exposed as it is.

  2. To say nothing of the decades-long meddling (polite word) in Nicaragua, on both sides of Hispaniola….

    • Yes and no. I think it’s an ideal time to educate my fellow Americans (the clueless ones) about the truer nature of our country. It can contribute to a better world of understanding and fair treatment. In other words, your idea of censorship sucks, and yes censorship it would be no matter what your intention.

  3. There are probably many more examples of US involvement in terms of hand picked candidates and regime change in addition to election meddling: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, Turkey…

  4. You’re also forgetting Ethiopia and most of Africa where the UN is one of the greatest powers in any nation.

  5. The sense of shame and betrayal I feel about this as an American is too deep even to describe. I live most of the year in a country which has no foreign enemies, partially because by and large it is a much happier place.

    The author, however, missed a seminal example; it is ancient, beautiful, cultured Italy in its first post WW II election. It was done pretty benignly by our intelligence community which organized a massive anti-socialist letter writing campaign among Italian Americans addressed to their families and friends back home.

    When I first ran across an account of it decades ago, I was pleased no end, but later I saw it as a baleful precedent.

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