Jerusalem 1896: Incredible Footage of Jews, Muslims, Christians living under the Ottomans

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“Incredible footage of Palestine and Jerusalem from the year 1896. Muslims, Jews and Christians lived next to each other and peacefully under the auspices of the Ottoman (Uthmani) Caliphate/Empire.”

Nahda Productions: “Incredible footage from Jerusalem in 1896 | Jews, Muslims, Christians living under the Ottomans”

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  1. Thomas Friedman of the Council on Foreign Relations had noted in his book “From Beirut to Jerusalem” that the State of Israel could not have been founded by the native-born Jewry in Palestine – but that the aggressive character of the European Jews who streamed into the region following WWII was needed to declare a Zionist state in 1948.

    Most Arabs in Palestine had no quarrel with the Jews who inhabited the region for centuries – but the creation of Jewish settlements and the implementation of Plan Dalet – the forcible removal of 700,000 Palestinian Arabs from their homes – during that timeframe as well as other atrocities created the Palestinian diaspora and refugee camps that exist to this day.

    The Palestinian Arab conflict with Jewish inhabitants in that area only grew exponentially to the point of being a major phenomenon only after the end of WWII when large amounts of Jewish refugees resettled in Palestine as the British Mandate was winding down.

    The 1896 footage was three years prior to Hirzl’s 1899 World Jewish Congress convening.

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