The Reich Strikes Back? Neo-Nazis Call for a Boycott of New Star Wars Movie

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White-supremacists are upset because nearly all of the major characters on the new Star Wars film are people of color.

Neo-Nazi groups on the Internet are calling to boycott the premiere of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” as they feel offended about the themes of the upcoming film, calling it “nothing but a Jew masturbation fantasy of anti-White hate,” reports IB Times.

According to what these white-supremacists have poured into their comments on a forum on the discussion website Reddit, they are upset mostly because “nearly all of the major characters are non-whites and the main character is an empowered white female.”

The film’s main characters are starred by Felicity Jones, a woman and Diego Luna, a Mexican. It is a prequel to the hugely successful franchise which returned to screens last year with “The Force Awakens.” It is set for release on December 15.

A similar thing happened before the release of the franchise’s Episode VII “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in 2015, when men’s “activists” called on boycott the film because it was starred by John Boyega and Daisy Ridley: a black actor and a woman.

The election of Donald Trump has underscored deep national divisions that have fueled incidents of racial hatred across the United States. There has also been a spike in the number of hate crimes after the vote, according to the FBI.

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  1. Poor ‘ickle tings’… Welcome to the real world boys, where women & non-whites outnumber you!
    I was reading something on the film world today re Kirk Douglas turning 100 – apparently he played a “soft” guy & John Wayne objected – told him he was letting the side down more or less! (Guardian.)
    Looks like the John Waynes haven’t come very far in 50ish years.

    • The real shame of it is that he will forever be associated with the ‘rebellion’ period, and all recollection of his brilliant revitalization of the Tatooine Tango will be lost, in time, like tears in the rain. In a galaxy far, far away.

  2. Let’s hope they do boycott the opening. It will leave that many seats available for fans who don’t have that particular personality disorder.

    Who really wants to sit next to a neo-Nazi anyway?

    • lol – that’s kind of a catchy phrase you made there. It’s got fairly broad application – ‘who really wants to play Twister with a neo-Nazi anyway?’ or ‘who really wants to read ‘There’s a Wocket in My Pocket!’ with a neo-Nazi anyway?’
      Really, the experience of pretty much anything a person wants or needs to do is enhanced by the absence of a neo-Nazi :-)

  3. jf cloutier

    Calling it the “Death Star” is pure slander. Vader built it to keep us all safe from those dirty, thieving rebels.

  4. I don’t think Star Wars: Rogue Nation is going to lose a lot of ticket revenue. What a bunch of wimps!

      • Big generational difference with Potter fans. There’s not much sympathy for Trump among people under 30, except maybe those growing up in households that would never allow them a book about witchcraft in the first place.

        It’s harder to tell with Star Wars because the generation that grew up loving Reagan was also the first generation of Star Wars fans. You’d be amazed at the ability of the strong and rich to imagine themselves as underdogs, like the way our military and its worshipers identified with the Rebel Alliance. Firstly, the term “Star Wars” as nickname for Reagan’s anti-missile initiative (maybe we should have called it “Death Star” instead for the first-strike capability it promised). Secondly, the use of the term “Jedi Knights” by the military doctrine radicals who brought you “4th Generation Warfare”. It is unfortunate that the realities of filmmaking lets right-wingers see the Rebel Alliance as a bunch of humans and some “friendly Negro” aliens, not the diversity and equality of non-humans therein. Lucas himself wanted the (all White male) Empire as an allegory for the US occupation of Vietnam, but that was already lost in May 1977 to America’s collective amnesia.

        What is really telling, though, is the number of Star Wars fans who seem to prefer identifying with Vader and his murderous stormtroopers. Oh, it’s all in good fun. No effect on real life at all. Really.

    • Yeah, actually I wasn’t interested in seeing it at all – (I saw the first 3 in theaters as a kid at their releases, and had pretty much given up on the efforts of Lucas and Disney to spin more story out of a quite comfortably complete story already). But, hell, if American Nazi punks are whining about it, sell me a ticket right now!
      No joke – a Nazi call for ‘boycott’ was perfect marketing for me… Couldn’t ask for better publicity.

  5. “nothing but a Jew masturbation fantasy of anti-White hate,”

    Here is a great example of the phlegm that rides on Fat Trump’s coat tails.

  6. Setting aside the sadness one feels about such ignorance still existing in this world in 2016 it should be pointed out that the new Star Wars films are largely non-cannon and rather bad in and of themselves. The story for EVIII is repetitious, derivative and suffers from bad acting.

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