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  1. Yeah – Well spoken guy.

    It’s not just a *lack* of a Muslim Will & Grace or Simpsons or whatever, although that is a great point, maybe even an absolutely necessary starting point.

    I’m personally much more taken aback by the positive acceptance / official encouragement of bigotry against Muslims by the MSM and US government, and even a portion of US pop entertainment culture — ever since the period following 9/11/2001. That embrace of bigotry was done for the lamest and most ordinary reasons – to drum up political support for NeoCon jingoism.

    And Democrats currently outraged against Trump, you either remember some pretty heavy heartbreak (circa 2004 election, for example), or you’re about to notice it for the first time — when you realize that the D party bigwigs, by and large, are able and willing to play along with whatever media messaging is used to manufacture support for the a given year’s foreign policy adventure action item.

    Education is another factor. There was a thing in NYC in the 80’s and 90’s at least, where a distinct effort was made, in primary education, to teach kids the importance of tolerance, together with extra emphasis on some the darker episodes of American history to serve as counterexamples from which we can learn. It was made fun of (“rainbow curriculum”) because it was at times cheesy and rose to the level of indoctrination, but it was something much needed, and I think it worked for a lot of people. If you’re going for public opinion, start young.

  2. This is such a simple minded idea. What Muslims need is organizing. Learning from American Jewish community who was the the target of similar if not worse bigotry.

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