ISIL: In Iraq’s desert, mass grave horror beneath the dirt

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“The sinkhole that could be the largest mass grave in Iraq’s latest conflict is barely visible from the road, nothing more than a small depression behind a desert ridge near Mosul. The Islamic State group transformed the Khasfah into a “place of death”, using it as an execution site and a mass grave where they disposed of victims, according to local residents.”

AFP: “In Iraq’s desert, mass grave horror beneath the dirt”

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  1. A reminder: How to balloon “the deficit” and topple the economy. Bush/ Cheney did it with tax cuts, deregulation and unending war especially a failed international conspiracy to secure Iraq’s oil, the distribution system and terminal assets plunging the entire region into continuous war and the ensuing continued killing of innocents.

    So, how does this maladministration plan to “Make America Great, Again?”

    • Tax cuts for the top.
    • “Incentive tax cuts” in lieu of actual infrastructure improvements.
    • Increased military spending including thermonuclear.
    • Permit industry to re-pollute our air, rivers and streams.
    • . . . ”unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the earth.” Sounds expensive in tax dollars and in brown-skinned dead and maimed, mostly Muslim.

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