Iranian Drummer Woman, 1842

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“Portrait of a young woman; single-page painting mounted on album folio. A woman beats a drum slung over her shoulder. She wears an orange blouse, a green skirt and a grey flowered jacket. A mauve veil is suspended from a head band adorned with a feather and a jewelled ornament. Album contains 19 paintings of Persian costumes.

Ink and opaque watercolour on paper. Album bound in green leather with gold gilt trim, with pages of gold trim. Includes loose letter (in French) on thin blue paper describing contents and addressed to recipient.”


British Museum

Museum number: 1921,0614,0.1.9
Title (series): Persian Costumes

School/style: Qajar School

Culture/period: Qajar dynasty

Date: 1842 (date of European binding) 19thC

Production place: Made in: Iran

Materials: paper

Technique: painted

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  1. Krycek

    At what historical point would such an individual be more accurately labelled ‘Persian’ rather than ‘Iranian’?

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