“Get out of my Country!” White Terrorist Shoots Asian-American Engineers in Wake of Trump Visa Ban

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

It is alleged that Adam W. Purinton, a regular at a bar and grill, went up to two Indian-American patrons on Wednesday night in Olathe, Kansas and screamed racial slurs at them. He was asked to leave by the bartender, but 15 minutes later came back, shouted “get out of my country!” and shot them. One victim, Srinivas Kuchibhotla, died of his injuries in a Kansas City hospital. He is said to have left behind a wife who is five months pregnant.

The other intended victim, 32-year-old Alok Madasani of Overland Park, is wounded and in hospital.

It is speculated that Purinton, who had served in the Navy and worked in internet technology, thought that the men were Middle Eastern Muslims rather than Indian Hindus.

Also shot and wounded in the hand, chest and neck is 24-year-old Ian Grillot, who just happened to be at the bar and grill, and who tried to stop Purinton as he fled. Grillot, from his hospital bed, told the story of how he was under a table and counted out nine shots then pursued the alleged assailant. But apparently he miscounted, and the gunman still had a shot to get off.

Grillot said: “It’s not about where he [victim] was from or his ethnicity. We’re all humans, so I just did what was right to do.”

Grillot’s injury is a badge of honor and courage, and he should be saluted by all right-thinking people. But it is a dark parable. White terrorism against people the white supremacists code as non-white or foreign will also victimize white people.

Purinton was picked up at another bar 80 miles away from the scene of the crime, where he allegedly confessed to having shot two “Middle Eastern” men. That kind of stupidity is an active danger to the survival of our species.

Remember, the shooter had been told by Trump-Bannon that Muslims hate America and should be excluded from the US.

Kuchibhotla was a star software engineer originally from Hyderabad, India (his wife is also from there). He had degrees from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Hyderabad and from the University of Texas. His co-workers say he was the nicest person. His bereaved wife and his family are trying to raise money to send his body back to India for his funeral.

He and Madasani worked at Garmin International.

The White House sets a tone in a country. Trump’s assertion that “Islam hates us” and his project of a Muslim ban sent a signal permitting hate crimes to the millions of unbalanced people in the US into whose hands the National Rifle Association has insisted on putting firearms.

But ironically, Trump would approve of Kuchibhotla.

As Willa Frej tells the story, then Steve Bannon had a radio show on Sirius XM in 2015, he had Donald Trump on as a guest and complained about all the foreigners in the US. Trump pushed back, saying that a lot of bright people come to America and get Ivy League degrees, and we should try to keep them.

Bannon told Trump, “When two-thirds or three-quarters of the CEOs in Silicon Valley are from South Asia or from Asia, I think… A country is more than an economy. We’re a civic society.”

Needless to say, Bannon’s “facts” are fake. Asian-Americans actually account for 14 percent of CEOs in Silicon Valley. And, as we social scientists use the phrase “civil society” (non-governmental public organizations), there is no reason to exclude Asian-Americans. That is, there is no analytical reason, assuming you’re not, like, a racist bigot.

Bannon speaks of a “civilizational war” with Muslims and through the executive orders he crafter for Tump he has laid the ground work for blood in the streets.

Bannon is not fit to shine the shoes of any of the three victims here, who actually contribute positively to our country rather than trying to Nazify it.

Two of my uncles fought the Nazis. I mind anyone trying to import racist thuggery into this country. There’s no difference between publishing a rag like Breitbart and going out to Arlington cemetery and spitting on the graves every day.


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  1. Mr. Cole, I’ve been reading you for a long time & respect you and your thinking. However, in a piece like above I think you weaken it by your editorialising — it is awful enough & people think better when your stories give them the space to do it. They will make the connections, you don’t have to do it for them and the connections will be stronger because they’ve done it themselves. I speak as a journalist (ABC, BBC, pre-Murdoch WSJ, Christian Science Monitor — among many others. I’m old)

    • Thx Carole, but I most often am functioning as a commentator or editorialist, not primarily as a hard news gatherer/ reporter. Blogging is in some part about attitude, and the attitude here is no to normalization.

      • Well, as long as you fact-check your claims, as you seem to do admirably well, I’d say carry on regardless. Your attitude is what keeps me returning , and when I do, I find an attitude not unlike my own, but with reliable, factual evidence of events and people and stories. Thank you Mr Cole, for your efforts. You are very much appreciated.

    • A couple of days ago I saw two psychologists discussing Trump and the role of psychologists. Present guidelines say that they should not diagnose anyone they haven’t actually interviewed. They pointed out that this was adopted after some psychologists publicly questioned the sanity of Barry Goldwater in 1964. One pointed out that since then the profession has developed a comprehensive guideline on what behaviors signify different mental conditions and that this wasn’t available at the time the stricture against diagnosis of public figures without interviews was developed. And, in an important point, they both agreed that it would be immoral to not speak out if a top leader exhibited behaviors that clearly indicated mental instability. They said that Trump fits that bill and that psychologists should not remain quiet about it. In fact, they have a moral duty to speak out. If someone is a professional with decades of experience in a relevant area such as politics and/or history, then I think that he or she also has a duty to speak out against someone who the professional perceives as being an existential threat to our democracy. If I may interpret Professor Cole’s position, I think he, as well as many others of similar pedigree, believe this to be true of Trump. Even George Will, a long time noted conservative and Republican, changed his designation on his voter registration from Republican to Independent after Trump won the nomination. Many professional Republicans hold this view of Trump, not just liberal Democrats.

    • the idea that journalists are suppose to be “non biased” and not have a view point, is highly fraught and ends up, especially in the US, with a false neutrality that looks silly when dealing with things like climate change, neo nazi fulminations, climate change, acts of violence such as this. Further, such “august” institutions such as the NY Times are hardly neutral on Israel/Palestine, the weapons of mass destruction supposedly in Iraq and many other issues.

  2. It’s all about a boss who talks like a thug, and how the lower echelon interrupts the bosses rhetoric….and there in lies the problem.

  3. Let’s face it, Trump has unleashed uneducated and ignorant racists, who think all brown skinned people are from the Middle East, and can go around the country with their deadly weapons and shoot anyone their poisoned mind think should not be in this country. It is a huge shame that innocent people once again had to suffer from a low life with small brains. Trump is trying to make America white again, and fortunately this is one battle he will lose. Without unity in this country he will never succeed. Deplorable President Trump’s deplorable people.

    • Let’s face it, Trump has unleashed uneducated and ignorant racists, …

      where they have easy access to a proliferation of guns.

    • To some extent. I am a Christian Arab and we suffered from the Crosaders as well and as much.

  4. And to think the hillbilly gun-loving U.S.Senate just made it easier for mentally deficient citizens to buy a gun and Make America Great, Again.

    link to qz.com

    What could possibly go wrong?

  5. People like Grillot give me hope that our country is not lost and will eventually find our way back from the administration of hate that currently occupies the White House.

  6. The racism has not started with Trump. It’s important to remind forgetful people how much Democrats pumped into anti muslim rhetoric while invading, occupying and bombarding. It’s also important the parasites like John McCain defense of Obama, “he’s not a muslim, he’s a good family man.”

    • Mossadegh was overthrown while Eisenhower was president. Intervention in Lebanon in 1958 while Eisenhower was president. US working with both parties during the Iraq-Iran War while Reagan was president. That included selling arms to Iran, giving intelligence to Saddam Hussein, looking the other way when he gassed 10,000 to death, and shooting down an Iranian airliner. Also while Reagan was president the US battleship New Jersey shelled targets in Lebanon in support of the Israeli incursion. The Gulf War happened while the first Bush was president. The Iraq War begun by the second Bush. Clinton did send cruise missiles against al Qaeda and enforced the no-fly zone over Iraq begun by Bush, but other than that I don’t see any Democrats in this list. The two major peace initiatives that had any success were the Camp David Accords peace agreement done under the aegis of Carter and the Oslo Accords while Clinton was president. Yours is a false equivalency.

      • Thought I should also add that Clinton intervened in the Bosnian ethnic cleansing and probably saved thousands of Muslim lives there.

    • ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) can be cured by knowing actual history.

      Islamophobia really got going with the Iran hostage situation of 1979-80, followed by the Kohbar Towers bombing in 1996 and finally 9/11 and the bogus war propaganda aftermath. Each event ramped up the h8, significantly.

      None of which occurred under Obama.

    • Please explain how John McCain is a parasite for honestly pointing out that Obama is a Christian. Seriously, what proof do you have?

      • I can’t speak for this poster because I don’t fully understand their entire comment, but the major problem with McCain’s statement is that it suggests being a “good family man” and being a Muslim as mutually exclusive.

      • Please explain how John McCain is a parasite for honestly pointing out that Obama is a Christian.

        He’s a parasite for his warmongering and support of the military-industrial comples.

  7. The image with the video actually shows DC Cir court judge Sri Srinivasan, who was on Obama’s short list. They mixed up their brown men in the newsroom, I guess, but to this terrorist they are all the same and he would have shot a judge, a father, an engineer, or a gas station attendant. Horrible and chilling.

  8. Muzzagain

    @althecat Yes #DonaldTrump – you have terrorist issues in the United States. Where are you going to deport this terrorist to?

  9. From Nixon’s (white) souther strategy to Reagan starting his campaign in Philadelphia Mississippi, from Willie Horton in 1988 to the normalization of professional bigots like Bill O’Reilly, this is just the natural apex of a not so veiled racial animus that has been around forever and is now a part of the GOP platform.

    When the dust settles, if it’s not radioactive, we will have a truth commission about those who attempted to destroy our democracy, and that will include outlawing the GOP as a white supremacist hate group. Plain and simple.

    There can be no rapprochement with his supporters, who are mostly haters and racist simpletons – let’s ditch the poor white working class crap (Orange Caligula’s voters had a median income of 72k). You stand with a Nazi, you are a Nazi.

    Sorry to jump to that term, but maybe if more of us professional historians called them as they see them and had been more vocal we would not have Muslims, women, LGBTQ people, Hispanics, immigrants, the press, legal weed, academics, climate scientists, health care, the NEA, EPA, NEH, OPB, and our republic not to mention survival of the species in the crosshairs at the moment.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I am off to my third town hall this week. (Soros pays me $1500 per event! Right.)

    • Touché! I’m still waiting for mine ever since I returned from D.C. They really know how to work up a crowd!

  10. Like your uncles, my dad and his brother also fought the Nazis. If they were still alive, they would second your opinion. My dad would say of Holocaust deniers and minimizers, “It doesn’t matter how many Jews were killed; if just one Jew was killed because he was a Jew, the crime would be the same.” I believe he’d have the same opinion about killing “Middle Easterners.”

  11. I can only hope that Trump like politicians don’t win their way to power in Canada. We have Kevin O’Leary running for one of our top parties and he is a Trump clone. Gawd help us if he becomes Prime Minister.

  12. Spicer dodged the question and not a single tweet from trump about about this actual christian white terrorist.

  13. In suburban Atlanta I have watched white men, mostly blue collar, change their public behavior in a shocking and aggressive manner over the past 18 mo.s, not only towards people of color but women in general, especially educated or who they would consider “elites”. It’s been scary and disheartening to watch it unfold and it continues to get worse as Trump is emboldened.

  14. THANK YOU for using “terrorist” in your headline to describe this (alleged) murderer. Also, do you know if there’s a fundraiser for sending Mr. Kuchibhotla’s body back to India?

  15. “Grillot, from his hospital bed, told the story of how he was under a table and counted out nine shots then pursued the alleged assailant. But apparently he miscounted, and the gunman still had a shot to get off.”


    WTF does nine shots have to do with anything?

    Maybe Ian Grillot guy is a firearms expert who, under extreme duress, can ID the exact make and model (and the fact that it isn’t wearing an extended magazine baseplate) of a handgun as its being fired in a dark bar and therefore knew exactly what its magazine capacity was. Even if this was the case, however, he could have easily miscounted (as he assumes he did) or, in the heat of the moment, mistook a Glock 19 for a Glock 23 or some such. Even experts such as Ian can make mistakes in the heat of the moment when the adrenaline has dumped.

    In other words, even given his expertise, his tactic was a needlessly-risky one that very nearly got him killed in vain.

    A much smarter and safer approach, if one should find oneself unarmed in such a situation and unable to return fire, is to wait until the perpetrator actually begins the process of reloading to rush him. If Ian had done that, he might have captured the suspect right away and wouldn’t have been shot, in any case.

    Stay safe out there . . .

  16. “That kind of stupidity is an active danger to the survival of our species.” And is precisely the kind of stupidity that brought a duplicitous crass hotel developer and reality show/wrestling match link to google.com host into our White House.

    The new POTUS will be actively preying on his “stupids” to do his bidding via “dogwhistles” via FAUXNews and his “annointed” media, more and more.

    Here is another example of how the maladministration attitudes both stated and implied are now effecting stupid rich children in Highland Park, TexASS. Emphasis on STUPID!

    link to dallasnews.com

    link to jamieford.com

  17. Why isn’t this killer who took the life of an innocent man and injured 2 others (while shouting get out my country ) not called a terrorist?! If the situation were reversed and a Muslim went on a shooting spree shouting get out of the Middle East, what do you think he would be called? Sad world we live in , my heart goes out to his pregnant wife and all the families affected.

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