Trump Threatens to Send US Army to Mexico for ‘Bad Hombres’

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It was not clear from the excerpt who exactly Trump considered “bad hombres” — drug cartels, immigrants, or both.

President Donald Trump threatened his Mexican counterpart Enrique Peña Nieto with sending U.S. military to his country to deal with “bad hombres” because the Mexican Army seems to be “scared” of them, the Associated Press reported Wednesday night, according to an excerpt of the transcript of the conversation it obtained.

“You have a bunch of bad hombres down there,” Trump told Peña Nieto in a Friday phone call according to the excerpt seen by the AP. “You aren’t doing enough to stop them. I think your military is scared. Our military isn’t, so I just might send them down to take care of it.”

It was not clear from the excerpt who exactly Trump considered “bad hombres” — drug cartels, immigrants, or both.

Just hours before the AP report, Dolia Estevez, a journalist based in Washington, D.C., told the Mexican news outlet Aristegui Noticias that Trump indeed did threaten to send a military force to deal with the drug trade, citing sources from both sides of the call.

“It was a very offensive conversation where Trump humiliated Peña Nieto,” Estevez told the outlet. He also said that Trump seemed to be aggressive when talking about the wall he authorized along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“I don’t need the Mexicans. I don’t need Mexico,” Trump reportedly told the Mexican president. “We are going to build the wall and you all are going to pay for it, like it or not.”

However, Mexico’s foreign relations department downplayed the reports and flatly denied that Trump made such comments. “The assertions that you make about said conversation do not correspond to the reality of it,” the statement said.

“The tone was constructive and it was agreed by the presidents to continue working and that the teams will continue to meet frequently to construct an agreement that is positive for Mexico and for the United States.”

The reports come almost a week after Trump signed an executive order to follow through on his campaign promise to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican, which prompted the Mexican president to cancel an official trip to Washington to meet the U.S. president that had been scheduled to take place this week.

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  1. Before threatening a country with military action it is always better to learn how to do it , FIRST.

    President •••clown and his first botched military raid. U.S. military officials said that the weekend raid in Yemen was approved by President Trump without sufficient intelligence or ground support.

    link to

    45s military experience amounts to scowling looks during real estate and casino meetings. His dangerous INCOMPETENCE has already cost the life of U.S. Navy Seal William “Ryan” Owens and a number of little children. The U.S. military is looking into whether more little children were slaughtered during the weekend raid on al Qaeda in Yemen. Kin of those 14 “militants” killed. 45 wants to confirm his campaign pledge to kill families (women an children) of militants.

    link to

    Now, on to those “bad dudes’ in Mexico and their families.

  2. Apparently, Trump also insulted and then hung up on the Australian PM, half way through a scheduled phone call after learning that he was obligated to take 1200 refugees currently in Australia. Kevin Drum posted this last night.
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  3. It would be such a positive development for American presidents to learn when serious police work is desirable instead of sending the military for tasks that really fall to others. Perhaps Steve Bannon could read Donald Trump a bedtime story about General Pershing and how he chased Pancho Villa through the Mexican countryside for months. Just what our over-extended military needs, an expeditionary force spread across Mexico. And exactly how will the US military know which are the “bad hombres”? Or is the plan just to pile up the bodies? Why not put together an elite fighting force, Seal Team 57, including the Trump boys as they apparently like to shoot things? Commission the Mar-a-lago Mexican Marauders to chase the bad hombres and film each episode, then run it on the Cartoon Network.

    • The story of Pershing’s Mexican raid was taught quite differently to Americans like me growing up before anyone heard the terms “Chicano” or “La Raza.” We weren’t taught about how the US’ relationship with the dictator Diaz had put us in a bad light once the revolution began. We weren’t taught about the consequences of the US invasion of Veracruz. So it was confusing to see the conflicting narratives of Pershing’s incursion as a last romantic fling before the horrors of WW1, versus Pancho Villa as folk hero.

      Times changed enough for the Villa narrative to become stronger. But now, no one knows or cares about the events of 1917 at all. So old Donald Trump with his old-time racist myths has a population to work with that’s pretty much a blank slate.

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