How Foreign Powers Could Try to Buy Trump

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“Donald Trump is an unprecedentedly wealthy president, who owns or licenses his name to buildings, casinos, and luxury hotels around the world. An ethics watchdog group has already brought a lawsuit against him for violating the Constitution’s “Emoluments Clause,” which prohibits government officials from receiving gifts from foreign states. Trump has taken few steps to distance himself from his organization, and foreign governments could use the President’s business interests as bargaining chips to influence his policymaking. Atlantic writer Jeremy Venook has been monitoring the President’s growing list of conflicts of interests since November 2016, and breaks down some of the most alarming ones in this video. ”

The Atlantic: “How Foreign Powers Could Try to Buy Trump”

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  1. POTUS sold-out to the “vast right-wing conspiracy” to get elected. Vladimir Putin was permitted to interfere on his behalf, unscathed, during our national election. It’s a safe bet Donald J. Trump is already far too compromised to be loyal to his country.

  2. What if Trump’s foreign assets are surrounded by protesters, or attacked? His first thought will be to send in the Marines to protect them.

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