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  1. One slight quibble . . .

    The Constitution writers deliberately made the grounds for impeachment very vague with the intention that if the president angered enough congress persons and senators, they could simply remove him for being a jerk. No real crimes need to be proven.

    So in reality, if 218 congress people and if 67 senators don’t like the president, then the president is simply thrown out on his ear REGARDLESS whether any real crime was committed.

    BUT . . . as the TV person noted, right now, trump has not yet angered enough republicans and even if a substantial number of republicans, but less than 218/67, become convinced that trump has to go, the democrats may decide that it is strategically better to let a deeply wounded trump remain in office instead of dealing with Pence, knowing that trump’s ego will not allow him to simply resign and leave the rotten mess for Pence to regret ever running for VP.

    The next four years will be fun to watch now that my healthcare and SSA are less in danger.

  2. London bookies have been offering 2:1 odds that Trump will be impeached. After yesterday, my guess is the odds will move closer to 3:1. That will most certainly happen with a few more disclosures about Russian links.

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