Kellyanne “Inspector Gadget” alleges Obama Microwave-Camera Surveillance

Huffington Post | (Non-Satirical Satire Video Clip)

“Kellyanne Conway is backtracking on her claims that the alleged wiretapping of Trump Tower by President Obama may have been more widespread than first thought. Her reversal comes just one day after she suggested “microwaves that turn into cameras” could have been used as a method of surveillance.”

Huffington Post: Kellyanne Conway Said Microwaves Can Be Used To Spy On People

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6 Responses

  1. This woman is looking more and more ridiculous as a spokesperson for the Trumpets. She has become a huge joke. Either that, or the ridiculous things she says is another deliberate diversion from mess Trump has got into, Russiagate, Wiretapping gate….

    • As ridicules as the departed-from-reality woman may seem, she is alluding to the MOST DANGEROUS CONSPIRACY THEORY popular in the White House, termed the “deep state,” an alleged shadowy network of powerful entrenched federal and military interests led by former President Obama, has increasingly become the focus of Republicans who accuse such forces of trying to undermine the new president.

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  2. Why does any “real news” organization even talk to Kellyanne let alone give her any air time?

    Let her spout her delusions on Fox and ignore her.

    No “real News” organization should let her anywhere near their studios or news rooms.

    It has been WELL DOCUMENTED that she lives in a delusional fantasy land so nothing she says has any value.

  3. Does Ms. Conway mean that Trump does something in the kitchen?
    Somehow, my imagination is too small to imagine Trump re-heating leftovers in the microwave while he chats with the Kremlin.
    Scenario for 45: “Donald Trump threw out that cold disaster you call food. Get me some real food, now.”

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