Bernie Sanders Talks Dems, Trump, Palestine, Syria (AJ+)

Dena Takruri | (AJ+) | (Video News report) | – –

“Senator Bernie Sanders unfiltered – in this AJ+ interview with Dena Takruri, he opens up about the Democratic Party, President Trump, Palestine and Syria.”

AJ+: “Bernie Sanders Talks Democrats, President Trump, Palestine And Syria”

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  1. Disappointing. Maybe he went as far as an American politician can go in supporting the Palestinians, but it’s not far enough. Israel won’t change without being sanctioned!

  2. The U.S. could stop the stealing on Palestinian land and brutal oppression apartheid condition by stopping the U.S. tax payer support just promised of $3.8 billion.
    All of the U.S. politicians are afraid of AIPAC. Therefore, no meaningful sincere peace efforts have been initiated by the U.S. since Carter.

  3. He speaks like a true oligarch. This is the best Democrats have to offer? He still’s hawking 2 state which is clearly a dead end stalling tactic. I think he’s showing his age.

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