Dear Director Comey: We’re Nauseous too, at your Disingenuous Self-Defense

Sam Seder | (Majority Report) | (Video News Clip) | – –

“In this Majority Report clip, we watch FBI Director James Comey defend his decision to send a letter to Congress (which was immediately leaked by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) alerting them that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails was re-opened FOR A WEEKEND while the FBI looked through Huma Abedin’s forwarded emails to Anthony Weiner. The FBI concluded that there was no criminal intent—so, the situation was exactly the same as it was before Comey sent the letter—but the damage was done. Also, the FBI is still investigating collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

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Majority Report with Sam Seder: ” CATASTROPHIC FAIL: James Comey On Letter To Congress About Hillary E-Mails That Maybe Swung Election”

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  1. Even if Comey had already searched the emails and found evidence of criminal wrongdoing on the part of H. Clinton, he did not have to go public just before the vote. He would have had more than a month until the Electoral College met to elect the president. That would have given him time to, for example, charge and arrest Clinton. Then the electors could have decided whom to pick and could have still picked Clinton. Even after the Electoral College vote, Comey would have had another month as the person designated to become president would not have any of the constitutional protections against arrest until noon on January 20th and no impeachment proceedings could have complicated things before that date.

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