Disaster or Repair? Trump heads to Saudi for Islam Address

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Trump left Friday afternoon for Saudi Arabia, where he will be feted with steak and ketchup by the Saudi monarchy and will deliver an address on Islam written by a far right wing notorious hater of Muslims. What could go wrong?

Saudi Arabia is a relatively small country with a citizen population probably around 20 million (they claim more but they only had 6 million in the mid-1970s, so do the math). I’m excluding guest workers. So they are actually in the neighborhood of Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Romania and Syria and actually smaller than Cote d’Ivoire.

Their claim to fame and power is therefore their vast oil riches, not their demographic power. Saudi Arabia pumps about 10 percent of all the oil produced every day in the whole world, which makes it a ‘swing’ producer, able to influence prices and to punish rivals like Iran that depend on high prices because of their much bigger populations (Iran’s population is about 80 million, about 4 times that of the Saudis). How big your population is matters for military affairs, since it tells you how big an army you can field.

Saudi Arabia is locked in a regional struggle for power with Iran in the Near East, which it is losing. Lebanon, Syria and Iraq have all gone into Iran’s column. All had been Saudi clients in the past.

Despite its oil trillions, Saudi Arabia cannot take on Iran head to head. It would lose very badly.

So Riyadh wants to enlist Trump in its struggle with Iran. And the Saudis are willing to swallow just about any insult from Trump in order to coax him into their regional fight.

Did Trump blame the Saudi monarchy for 9/11? Yes.

Did Trump blame the Saudis for refusing to step up to fight ISIL (ISIS, Daesh)? Yes.

Did Trump threaten to boycott Saudi petroleum? Yes.

All that is water under the bridge from the Saudi point of view. They even expressed approval of his Muslim ban.

What does the Arabic press think about all this?

The liberal al-Wafd in Egypt explained Trump’s journey to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the West Bank by citing National Security Adviser H. R. McMasters, who said that the trip has three goals: To underline the role of the US on the world stage, to build relations with world leaders, and to send a clear message to America’s friends and the followers of the three major world religions.

Mamoun Abu Amir writes in Arabi 21 that one of the motives for Trump’s visit is to reassert US hegemony over the Middle East as a superpower. Abu Amir argues that the Obama administration had turned its back on the Middle East and thrown a scare into regional powers that Washington was abandoning them to their own devices. (I think he is implying that Russia saw an opportunity to assert itself in the region because of Obama’s signals that he was not interested0. Trump, he says, wants to repair that power vacuum.

In contrast, Libya’s al-Wasat says that one of Trump’s goals in his prospective speech on Sunday to over 50 Muslim political leaders that Saudi Arabia has invited to hear him speak in Riyadh is to restore good relations with the Muslim world after his visa ban targeted six Muslim nations (including Libya). The speech apparently will argue that Muslim-majority countries have a duty to tamp down extremism and develop a peaceful vision of Islam.

The speech is said to be written by a far right wing notorious hater of Muslims, Stephen Miller, and while the Saudis can be depended on to spin it positively, it could given enormous offense to the 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, depending on how it is handled.

I very much doubt that Trump thinks his visa ban, which he is pursuing, is any kind of bar to good relations with the world’s some 55 Muslim-majority countries.

Al-Wasat also argues that Trump is attempting to shore up Saudi Arabia versus Iran, and that is probably true.


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  1. America has just approved arms sales to the Saudi regime of a hundred billion dollars and there is talk of the Saudi regime putting up 50 billion dollars for American infrastructure. Good relations and detente doesn’t really come into it, because its about money.

  2. Below is an excerpt of Trump’s Islam speech that was leaked to the Boston Times:

    “I love your Caliphs. Your Caliphs were great, courageous and honorable men. But I doubt your Caliphs would have won 304 electoral votes like I did.”

    • He postures as the savior of a race looking for excuses to claim victimhood, to claim everyone else is out to get them for being so hard-working and virtuous, to claim the right to kill anyone who stops them from taking back their “birthright”. That grim face perfectly fits this self-serving bullshit; they voted for a stick to beat the world with.

      Nixon called it the “Madman Theory” and he was a pretty good manipulator of that same electorate.

  3. The question is….can Trump give a speech without aggrandizing himself?

    “Before I talk about terrorist….In the last election you may have heard that I won more states than any American president. At my inauguration, I think we have a photo we can put up on the screen, the crowd stretched for miles. The park rangers said they had never seen anything like it!”

    Would anyone be surprised if this happened?

    • No, I’d not be surprised at all – however I’d love to see the actual speech! ‘Am wondering how far Saudis will go to make what they see as a beneficial tie.

  4. Little by little, events forced American leaders to realize that they must occasionally play to the audience of ordinary Middle Eastern citizens and not just their tyrants, because even a tiny sliver of the former were willing to die to make Hell for America and its interests.

    Of course, all that’s out the window with Trump, who cannot even be bothered to play to any audience in his own country that isn’t White, Christian, and paranoid. He’s fully back to wanting the world divided between regional strongmen whom he deals with directly and obliviously, even praising some of the worst of these while he pisses on actual products of parliamentary democracy. See, it reduces everything in his mind to his Mastery of the Art of the Deal.

  5. What did the Donald do for the Saudis that “earned” him the gold jewelry around his neck? Previous POTUS’s waited for the end of their reign to make their Farewell Tour of client states to collect their “gratuities”. Could it be…??

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