GOP Rep. Labrador: “Nobody dies b/c they don’t have… Health Care”

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“An Idaho lawmaker is facing intense scrutiny after defending the GOP health care bill. During a town hall, Rep. Raul Labrador said that “nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care.” CBSN’s DeMarco Morgan has more.”


CBS News: “Idaho lawmaker faces backlash for saying “nobody dies” from lack of health care access”


Newsbeat: “GOP Rep. Raul Labrador asserted, “Nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care.”

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  1. sitting here in Canada not even our dumbest politician would say that and we have more than a few. this guy must be delusional. what does he think happens when you have cancer and aren’t treated for it? oh, perhaps he still believes in miracles. next time he gets sick lets ensure he doesn’t receive medical care and he can see what happens.

    • Not to otherwise split hairs for this guy, but *nobody* is turned away at the emergency room. If cornered, he would undoubtably continue to blur the distinction between stabilizing a condition in a crisis and genuine healthcare. He would also sidestep how emergency-room ‘healthcare’ is the worst sort economically apart from efficacy, and contributes heavily to the runaway costs of the US system.

      What is most troubling, is that guys like this, however, is that they DO know better, as evidenced by how they shade their answers and otherwise steer around the issues. It is not their ignorance that people need to get upset about, but their values and a lack of accountability.

      • Many people die because they don’t have regular access to health care, and so they end up in the emergency room when it is too late. Doctor visits in pregnancy are also tied to lower infant and mother mortality.

  2. This must be made crystal clear – if you are poor, a person of color or someone with a pre-existing condition the Republicans want you to die! And quickly, so as not to burden the money they paid that others could not.

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