Picture of the Day: Iranian Woman Tambourine Player, 1848

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“Portrait of a young woman; single-page painting mounted on album folio. A young woman kneels on a yellow and white carpet while holding a large tambourine to the right with both hands. She wears an orange blouse, a blue jacket fastened at the waist, and a bright pink skirt. An apple is on the carpet below the tambourine. Album contains 19 paintings of Persian costumes.
Ink and opaque watercolour on paper. Album bound in green leather with gold gilt trim, with pages of gold trim. Includes loose letter (in French) on thin blue paper describing contents and addressed to recipient.”

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album term details
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Title (series)

Qajar School term details
Qajar dynasty term details
Date: 1842 (date of European binding)
19thC (late)
Production place
Made in: Iran

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See 1921.0614,0.1 .1-.19 for all folios included in this album.


Not on display
persian costume
musical instrument (tambourine)
Acquisition name
Bequeathed by: Baroness Zouche
Acquisition date: 1921
Department: Middle East
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  1. That’s a defe, not a tambourine. Maybe a small point to some, but it would be like calling a trombone a saxophone to others that know anything about music or the east.

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