It’s the wrong time to mock Republican voter outrage

By Ian Berman | (Informed Comment) | – –

The Waking of the American Voter

As voters express their anger at Republican politician town halls, Democrats are rejoicing saying I told you so. The desire to mock these voters for being shortsighted is understandable, but this outrage is half of exactly what the country needs.

Republican voters may finally be waking up to the idea that the Republican party is dedicated to the maximization of the wealth of the 0.1%. That every step it takes is not for the Common Good, but to maximize their constituency’s take. Their true constituency is the wealthy elite.

Occasionally the Republicans will throw a piece of social agenda in to keep their voter base pleased, but that doesn’t really cost the 0.1% a lot of money. The Democrats appear to miss the importance of this and dismiss Red state voters’ desires, while the Republicans recognize the votes are necessary.

The other half of what we need is to learn that the Democrats are no more than a False Left. Pretending to represent a populist party, they still serve the same 0.1% Masters. Otherwise, why are several different types of universal healthcare off the table when it has so much broad appeal right now? It is the single best initiative in a long time that would attract Red and independent voters. Bernie Sanders’ primary success with no corporate backing made that evident, but Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi just say no.

Instead, Democratic leaders prefer just to celebrate the political hit the Republican will suffer. The Democratic solution is to leave Obamacare in place; a/k/a the Heritage Foundation-created Romneycare. Yet this leaves 28 million Americans uninsured and the rest of Americans facing spiraling premium costs and deductible increases.

So what makes Obamacare the best option? The $400 billion giveaway to the healthcost companies© and the government purchase of pharmaceuticals without negotiating. This second half of what America needs is for voters to ask, who are the Democrats serving? After 8 years of sleeping through President Obama’s service to the 0.1%, Democratic voters should wake up now. There is only one corporate party in two parts and that will not change unless We the People act.

Given the stranglehold of our two party system on the election process, the only choice remaining is to vote every last incumbent out. There are only a handful of exceptional politicians who are willing to stand up to their own party’s service to the 0.1% – the rest must go. If a voter prefers party loyalty and wants to take back their agenda, they can take out their representative in the primaries. The general election works just as well to send a message too.

The only way this system changes is with active voter political participation and the loss of representatives’ seats for failing to live up to the will of the People.

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Ian Berman is an entrepreneur and former corporate banker at leading global banks in New York City. He now focuses on renewable energy, financial advisory services and writing about representative government, equitable public policies and ending American militarism and Israel’s continuing colonization of Palestine. He is the Co-Founder of Palestine 365, the Ongoing Oppression and its predecessor, Palestine 365, on Facebook.


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  1. Carole Craig

    You’re — after all the left as we now it (albeit a shadow of its former glory) has its origins in the working class

  2. “…the Democrats are no more than a False Left. Pretending to represent a populist party, they still serve the same 0.1% Masters. Otherwise, why are several different types of universal healthcare off the table when it has so much broad appeal right now?…”

    Full stop. It’s willfully ignorant (note – look up fillibuster and Senate ACA history 2008-10) purist like you, Ian, that help get the Orange Menace elected. Are you enjoying your man in the White House now? If not, get over Ralph Nadering before 2020 or suffer another 4 years of increasing tyranny.

    • Errm, the healthcare debate didn’t start in 2008.

      There have been times over the last forty years when the D’s could have passed a universal health care act. They didn’t do it.

      By the standards of the rest of the world, the D’s are a rightwing political party. Not leftist at all.

      The fact that the R’s have gone totally off the deep end doesn’t mean that the D’s are actually moving left. They’re ‘better’ than the R’s, but that’s not much comfort to the people who live at the bottom of the economic pile.

  3. Purists like me have the power to control the Presidency? That’s awesome! We didn’t know we could control the lone superpower.

    And here I thought Clinton’s loss and the Democrats shellacking was due to, well, Clinton and the Democratic Party.

    link to

    • You certainly have the power to throw a close election. Like 2000. Tell us how W’s war and Depression was no different than Gore, please, please.

      What’s worse, it seems a lot of so-called “leftists” around here prefer Trump to any Democrat who could actually win. Maybe they’re sick of sullying their purity with all those uppity corporate Negroes and Mexicans who support economic growth and US hegemony and are only Democrats because they don’t want to go back to Jim Crow. Whereas some “leftists” want isolationism and a weak government back so bad they’ll take Jim Crow 2 in the bargain… as long as all the dirty work is done by the GOP so they can whine about how evil America is from a position of total uselessness.

      I hope you’re not in that group. Because if the price of progressive helpless purity is that the Republicans take us all the way to an Apartheid state, they will not enjoy the thing that must inevitably overthrow it.

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