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  1. I’m not really surprised to tell you the truth that some Republican US senator said this (though Rohrabacher is all over the place, with pro-Russian ties while hating on Iran or to wanting to see Pakistan punished and broken up, etc). I remember Rick Santorum claiming Shia Islam as a death cult not too long ago, despite the fact 9/11 and most other terrorist plots of the foreign religo-political kind in the US were carried out by Sunni radicals. It’s like the entire foreign policy revolves around Israel and Saudi Arabia and the anti-Iran paradigm.

    A lot of Muslims, particularly Shia Muslims, are going to look at this and come away with the US indeed indulging in sectarianism in the region, going beyond just backing Sunni fundamentalist or sectarian states and right into so far as backing Sunni Islamist terrorism.

  2. If the USA follows Rohrabacher’s Suggestion, Americans will NOT like the massive defeat the USA will suffer.

    Iran is NOT the “weakling” that Rohrabacher thinks it is and ISIS hates the USA even more than they hate Iran.

    More uninformed BS from USA politicians.

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