G19 outmaneuvers climate Rogue Trump, ignores Donald & Ivanka

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

German Chancellor Angela Merkel ran rings around Trump at the G20 summit in Hamburg, where pictures show Donald sitting alone and being ignored by other heads of state when he bothered to show up (he sent Ivanka to sit in for him at one session). Trump abruptly and mysteriously disappeared toward the end of the summit, not bothering to address it as has been the custom with regard to previous US presidents.

The G20 groups the twenty wealthiest countries in the world, which among them account for 85 percent of global GDP, 75% of world trade, and 66% of the world’s population. Some observers have condemned the body as unfair, since no one elected it and the poorest one third of the world are not represented.

With the US absent from climate discussions because Trump withdrew from the Paris Accords, the remaining 19 members of the G20 were able to craft a much stronger statement on climate change and addressing it than the US would normally allow. US governments are typically deeply beholden to Big Oil, Big Gas and Big Coal.

The danger was that Saudi Arabia in particular might balk, but the kingdom seems to be more afraid of Merkel and her allies than it is of Trump. Besides, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman has already admitted that oil is over with, and he is looking for a soft landing for the Saudi economy by turning oil wealth into investment wealth before the black gold comes to be recognized as worthless (it already is worthless, but most people just don’t realize it yet).

The G20 communique said,

“We recognise the opportunities for innovation, sustainable growth, competitiveness, and job creation of increased investment into sustainable energy sources and clean energy technologies and infrastructure. We remain collectively committed to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions through, among others, increased innovation on sustainable and clean energies and energy efficiency, and work towards low greenhouse-gas emission energy systems. In facilitating well-balanced and economically viable long- term strategies in order to transform and enhance our economies and energy systems consistent with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, G20 members will collaborate closely.

After noting the withdrawal of the US, it added,

“The Leaders of the other G20 members state that the Paris Agreement is irreversible. We reiterate the importance of fulfilling the UNFCCC commitment by developed countries in providing means of implementation including financial resources to assist developing countries with respect to both mitigation and adaptation actions in line with Paris outcomes and note the OECD’s report “Investing in Climate, Investing in Growth”.

Americans who put Trump in the White House sent America’s strategic strength and diplomatic soft power swirling down the toilet.

The renewed Franco-German partnership a the heart of Europe, on the other hand, is now in the cockpit of the world on big issues.


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  1. ” US governments are typically deeply beholden to Big Oil, Big Gas and Big Coal.”

    There is still a “Big coal?”

    It’s so obvious Trump, like his Fox and Friends, is against whatever Obama was for. Paris Accord, nix it! The Iran deal…worst ever!

    As for Trump’s mysterious disappearances, we should remember he is an obese 71 year old suffering, no doubt, from jet lag and going through McDonald’s deprivation.

    Finally, all of this G20 stuff is boring to Trump. He’s not interested in being a team member, he’s a man who has spent his entire life only concerned with Trump inc.

    As Huckabee Sanders said, ” People knew what they were getting when you voted form him.”

    • Big Coal is busy arranging golden parachutes for its executives and investors; bailouts for everybody, disguised as protection of an industry vital for national security. Since that’s not so different than how much of the American economy works, we can say Big Coal still is.

  2. Trump has embarrassed the nation by acting like the ugly American. Getting out of the Paris Accords is sending a strong message that the US will not do the right thing by the world, to unite and fight common goals. He seemed to be more excited about meeting Putin, rather than join the international community. We should also wonder why Ivanka, neither an experienced nor qualified official, was paraded around with world leaders, while her attention deficit father declined to attend a meeting. Maybe aspirations to run for president, or more lucrative business contracts?

  3. Thanks to Trump, the world now sees with perfect clarity what American ‘exceptionalism’ really is. Take all the rhetoric from Lincoln’s “last best hope of earth” to Kennedy’s & Reagan’s “city on a hill” and toss it in Trotsky’s dustbin of history.

    Trump’s America is a petulant child-empire who “runs with scissors” and does not know how to “play well with others.”

  4. Oil will never be worthless. Too many interesting and awesome chemicals which are relatively easily extracted for that. But yeah, the massive volumes used will decrease.

    In the end trumps worst effect might end up making the generally awful leadership in the world in the past 40 years seem like something to strive for. Setting a bar so low that he has to dig a fresh hole every day is making it pretty easy on the usual suspects.

    • OK – Close to worthless as there is not much profit margin downstream from the oil, so trying to increase the price of oil will just decrease the market for oil even more.

  5. Americans who put Trump in the White House sent America’s strategic strength and diplomatic soft power swirling down the toilet. A bit strong, perhaps. The US place is still very much there but it’s a seat at a round table no longer a throne. When another takes his place they will be eagerly welcomed. The world needs the US, just not its hegemonic dreams.

  6. Potus cannot even look at the audience when referring to CAN P.M. – stares at the floor.
    An highschool freshman would demonstrat more sincerity.
    Your “toilet” imagery is beautiful in its dirtiness.
    Keep writing.

  7. All of Trump’s policies are intended to destroy the United States completely (in reality, extreme right-wing, neo-Nazi Republicanism – Trump is too stupid to create anything himself). We are just witnessing the very first “flush”. There’s certainly a lot more to come in just about every area of economic, social and foreign policy.

    It seems to me that the only thing that needs to be addressed by any intelligent American is whether to stay and fight a losing battle, which is a dignified and noble thing to do; or leave a sinking ship and emigrate. That’s the smart move. Which would also help speed up the swirling decline.

    Leave the whole mess to Trump supporters and the corrupt Democratic establishment.

    Has a certain schadenfreude appeal, doesn’t it?

    Regardless, one thing is certain: Brezhnev and Khrushchev et al are smiling from their graves.

  8. When Trump isn’t the center of attention, being “adored” by the masses, he isn’t interested in being anywhere. In my opinion he lacks social graces and the ability to communicate with his peers. He doesn’t know how to act or what to say to the other world leaders. He is the odd person out.

    Having his daughter sit in for him, while he was out, simply demonstrates how ‘dumb’ he and his are when it comes to these type of settings.

    Trump’s meeting with Putin, Trump looked like he was afraid of Putin.

    Trump’s leaving meetings and his position on any number of things is going to leave the U.S.A. isolated and in the end not very well off economically. The U.S.A. was once a fairly backward country, it may well return to that position.

    lets hope that boy doesn’t get to go to G.B. for a state dinner.

  9. After Trump left early, does anyone know where he went?
    Did he find some Slavic admirers to console him while the grown-ups were in the other room? Or did he watch cable and pout?

  10. At G-20, Trump and his spawn made our country look like a bunch of •••clowns for electing him.

    Trump had crude oil running from his openings. They said “NO!”

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