Unpopular: Trump’s low Polls one reason for Healthcare Defeat

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

For now, the second GOP attempt to replace Obamacare with Trumpcare has failed, with two more senators defecting (one saying the bill does not go far enough in getting rid of Obamacare.) There are lots of reasons for the failure of Trumpcare 2.0.

A big one is that it is written to give hundreds of billions in tax relief to a handful of billionaires while kicking millions of women and children off health care insurance. Even the Republican Party base is bigger than that, and can tell when they’re being screwed over. That is, the class base of the bill is too narrow. The GOP is about championing the interests of wealthy white Protestants, though it has other, minor constituencies– about half of Catholics, some rural elites, etc. But when the party interprets its mandate as not from the people at all but only from the super-rich, that sets up an internal struggle between the big corporations and the small businesses.

Then there is the fractured character of the party, what with being split into libertarian, national security, and plutocratic wings. Some of the Republican Senators who refused to back Trumpcare did it because it does not screw ver the poor nearly enough.

The relative narrowness of the November, 2016, victory is another consideration. With a 2-senator advantage in the Senate, they’d have to bring everyone aboard for an important vote like this.

But a major reason for which Trump can’t get his healthcare bill passed into law is that he is the most unpopular president ever.

Trump is losing support among independents. His own base is relatively narrow. He is at 36% in the polls, lower than any modern president at this point in his tenure.

One thing about unpopular presidents: He does not inspire fear. He can’t threaten the senators effectively. They will vote as they please.

The GOP could have been a legislative steamroller. It is not.

That said, with a few tweaks the bill might be passable. It won’t be tweaked.


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  1. Then there’s the Republican bubble called “The Big Lie” — actually many of them:
    – Obama isn’t actually an American citizen
    – Obama is a Muslim
    ……and of course the lie which has torpedoed TrumpCare:
    – Obamacare is damaging everyone’s health.
    This last Republican lie is clearly false for the twentysome million citizens who now have health insurance because of Obamacare. Thank goodness “The Big Lie” only works some of the time!

  2. What this is really about is the wealthy not wanting to part with a single cent to help provide health care funds for the poor. As you know, professor, over here in the UK we have a free health care service at the point of need for everyone. However, we still have rich and very rich people over here and universal health care does not appeared to have dented the millions of pounds they have stashed away in the bank. Perhaps the super rich, the rich and the almost rich people in the USA should take a look at our system, because what they fear most is losing some of their money to a good cause. Clearly, universal health care doesn’t mean the impoverishment of the rich and bizarrely, they get free health care as well !

  3. Twitter is giving ol Bonespurs hell about his leadership..This one I really like…

    Like Blair Witch Project– “OMG, is this the same bridge?!” “It can’t be.” “OMG, we went in a circle!”

  4. So, why can it not be tweaked? Let the bad press subside for a few weeks, put some lipstick on the big, pay off the foot-draggers, and it’d be done.

    This is about a core tenet of the GOP agenda, and Trump has always been a sideshow: a tool that is useful or not.

    • Absolutely correct. This is a Pyrrhic victory, at best. They are not going to give up so easily. They’ll be back and will keep coming back until Medicare and Medicaid are completely destroyed and eliminated. Social Security, as well. Exterminated. That’s the goal. Pissing on Obama Care is just a diversionary tactic. And Trump is just a freak show on the edge of the circus.

    • They already paid off the foot-draggers on this second attempt. It takes a hell of a lot of time and effort to get these scams to a vote, and it’s a huge embarrassment to the Republican Party each time it fails.

      So the solution being discussed is something much more extreme, because it has novelty value and whips up the fanatic base. They want to just try to repeal Obamacare and replace it with nothing at all. THAT’S a core tenet of the right-wing movement, which is willing to sacrifice all the political parties to get its neo-feudal fantasy regime.

      But in the meantime, the Republican office holders have to appear to actually be getting something done, so they’ll move onto some other monstrous scheme where the public is less clear on how it will be screwed.

  5. In the presidential election, I, and many others learned about what Bill Clinton did in the 1990’s to move the democratic party away from the New Deal to a party focused on power and money. The attacks on Bernie Sanders along with the 8 years of the Obama presidency displayed what the democratic party has become and the rhetoric was not enough to make the change. Many are wondering what the message of the democrats will be now that they lost to Trump and the republicans. The republicans are horrible almost beyond belief, but we are wondering whether the democrats will return to New Deal roots or continue their establishment policies that support banks, corporations and the military.

    But now parts of the democratic party have reunited with neo cons in a new organization described by Glenn Greenwald.

    With New D.C. Policy Group, Dems Continue to Rehabilitate and Unify With Bush-Era Neocons

  6. The repeated Republican Party FAILURES to exclude the poor and elderly from adequate healthcare demonstrates that simply saying “NO!” is not leadership. It is simply mean-spirited tacit bigotry against those in need at the behest of the wealthiest.

    Trump and his Cabinet, Paul Ryan and other budget miscreants are merely the agents of those who want to personally direct the taxes they avoid paying in the first place.

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