Trump in a Firing Mood; is US Commander in Afghanistan Next?

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“U.S. officials said on Wednesday that President Donald Trump’s doubts about the war in Afghanistan has led to a delay in completing a new U.S. strategy in South Asia. Trump’s skepticism included a suggestion that the U.S. military commander in the region be fired. During a July 19 meeting in the White House Situation Room, Trump demanded that his top national security aides provide more information on what one official called “the end-state” in a country where the United States has spent 16 years fighting against the Taliban with no end in sight. The meeting grew stormy when Trump said Defense Secretary James Mattis and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford, a Marine general, should consider firing Army General John Nicholson, commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, for not winning the war. In addition, once the meeting concluded, Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, got into what one official called “a shouting match” with White House national security adviser H.R. McMaster over the direction of U.S. policy. Some officials left the meeting “stunned” by the president’s vehement complaints that the military was allowing the United States to lose the war.”

Wochit Politics: “Trump, Frustrated By Afghan War, Suggests Firing U.S. Commander”

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  1. Trump has never studied history – a brief study of Afghanistan’s history would indicate that A’stan is a very hard nut to crack, many great nations have faltered in their efforts to conquer Afghanistan.
    USA should learn from their own history with Vietnam, that superior numbers and greater fire power isn’t always enough…!

  2. Those who voted in the ignoramus who is currently perched like a stupefied tweetybird in the Oval Office picked a man who knows only one policy, and that is to keep firing and hiring staccato-style in the hope that someone will arrive in the job who will manage to come up with the results wanted. I think it can be said with all the confidence in the world that that policy will never work with regard to U.S. efforts in Afghanistan. The only recourse left there is the same one that ended up being resorted to when the U.S. finally, belatedly got out of Vietnam, which was to crawl out while trying and failing to give the appearance of standing tall. McNicholson, the 12th U.S. lead commander in Afghanistan in those 16 years, can and probably will be dumped and replaced, but that will mean nothing, because the Afghans will always still be there, forever ready to feast in many ways on every invader who gets the bad idea of showing up and trying to impose its will. That’s their bread and butter, flavored with poppy seeds.

    You could ask the British. They ought to know. They had two centuries to learn, but as clever as they are supposed to be, over that long span of time, they, too, like Americans today, learned exactly nothing, and if it were not for the distraction of Brexit, you would undoubtedly see them still trying to sneak back into some sort of prominence in Afghanistan while concealed in the U.S.’s hip pocket. That’s some crazy stuff!

  3. When I think of our involvement in Afghanistan I always remember the last lines in Kipling’s “The Young British Soldier.”

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