Turkish Women rally re: Abuse by Conservatives over Outfits

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Istanbul has been widely viewed as a fairly liberal city for women and the LGBT community.

On the weekend, hundreds of Turkish women marched in Istanbul to protest against the abuse meted out from men who demand they dress more conservatively.

Women at the “Don’t Mess With My Outfit” March chanted while holding denim shorts on hangers, to depict the type of offending clothing.

“We will not obey, be silenced, be afraid. We will win through resistance,” the crowds chanted, some hoisting posters and rainbow flags. Some posters displayed the words “Don’t meddle with my headscarf, shorts, outfits.”

Istanbul has been widely viewed as a fairly liberal city for women and the LGBT community, several of whom attended the march to offer support for the women.

But, according to critics, Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan has shown little interest in expanding the rights of minorities, gays and women.

Protesters say that there has been an increase in the number of verbal and physical attacks against women because of their clothing choice.


In June, a young woman – Asena Melisa Saglam – was physically attacked by a man on a bus in Istanbul for wearing shorts during Ramadan. “Are you not ashamed of dressing like this during Ramadan?” a video footage showing the man said.

Canan Kaymakci, also, was harassed on the street in Istanbul when a man accused her of wearing provocative clothing, saying she should be careful because she was “turning people on.”

Another woman, Aysegul Terzi, was called a devil and kicked by a man for wearing shorts. Footage showed the man telling her that those who wear shorts “should die.”

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  1. Seems par for the course for any society redonning the shackles of bronze age superstition.

    And while that may be an easy point to make, I have yet to meet a turkish expat not thrilled by the Erdoganesian reformation of their home country. It’s possible that their female counterparts have a different opinion, but the simple fact that I have yet to meet one seems to be a point in and of itself.

    I have very little hope for what was once an example of how even islamic rule can be subdued. Regression seems to be the majority will, if not rule.

    Turkey will cannibalize its scientific base, and with it the prosperity it so loudly proclaims it deserves.

    What will be left is yet another bottom feeding theocracy, and we’ll all be worse off because of it.

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