Chinese Americans came at Same Time as Bannon’s Irish

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“There are now more than 4 million Chinese people living in the United States. Surprisingly, most of these immigrants came in the last few decades, starting in the ’60s. Immigration laws, wars and social unrest were big factors in determining who got to leave China and when they ended up in the United States. In this video, we divide the history of Chinese immigration to the U.S. into four major periods, identifying the push and pull of forces in each country.”

AJ+. “Inside The 150+ Year History Of Chinese People In America”

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  1. And if it hadn’t been for the Asian Exclusion Act, the Chinese population of the USA might have soared into…what, tens of millions? They would have amassed wealth and political power, much like their co-ethnics in Southeast Asia.

  2. The Chinese American community was one of the poorest communities in America in the 1800s and early 1900s; yet had one of the lowest crime rates (in terms of committing crimes) and imprisonment rates in America.

    This is still true today. While we don’t have precise numbers of Chinese socioeconomic status, Asian Americans as a whole (and very likely Chinese Americans specifically) substantially outperform Caucasian Americans measured in:
    -much higher academic performance
    -higher per capita and median incomes
    -higher per capita and median wealth
    -lower divorce rates
    -lower single mother headed households and lower illegitimate birth rates
    -much lower per capita rates of engaging in crime or serving time in prison

    Unlike African Americans (93% of all crime against African Americans are by other African Americans), and caucasions (over 4/5ths of all crimes against caucasions are by other caucasions), the vast majority of crimes against Asian Americans are by non Asian Americans.

    If all Americans committed crimes and served prison time at the rate of Asian Americans, US murder rates and incarceration rates would fall by about 80%. Asian Americans are 6% of all Americans, yet commit only about 1% of all murders and 2% or less in other categories of crime.

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    Can provide other links, but don’t want to put too many into this comment, because then it will probably be blocked.

    There is no need to provide any statistics on the extent to which Chinese Americans outperform caucasion Americans in English, math, science, K-12, undergraduate school, graduate school.

    Chinese Americans rarely complain about the very significant crime, racism and bigotry directed against them; and are generally very patriotic.

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