US will Ease Restrictions on Drones, Expand Usage

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Speaking last month of reducing restrictions on drone usage, President Trump resorted to biblical language, saying “retribution will be fast and powerful.”

The United States is preparing to eliminate several major restrictions and regulations on the use of drones, making it easier to use the controversial form of warfare more frequently, and in more situations, a New York Times report revealed Saturday citing internal officials.

Advisers within the administration of President Donald Trump are proposing to remove a rule that limits the use of drone strikes to attacks against “high-level” enemies, and would allow for their use against the vaguely defined category of “jihadist foot soldiers.”

The vetting process to approve proposed strikes would also be significantly reduced and removed in some instances.

The C.I.A. is also seeking to gain approval to carry out its own covert drone strikes in active war-zones. C.I.A. strikes, unlike their Pentagon counterparts, are completely covert and do not need to be acknowledged.

According to the New York Times report, a Cabinet-level committee has already approved the proposed rules, and they have been sent to the White House for the President’s signature.

Last month in a speech Trump praised the liberalization of the already heavy use of drones by the United States, saying that “the killers need to know they have nowhere to hide, that no place is beyond the reach of American might and American arms.”

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  1. The next counter-escalation will be for anti-drone technology (great business opportunity!).

    Note that drones are NOT as “stealthy” as people think and due to physical constraints are actually easy targets. Iran has brought down several USA drones and Israel has brought down several Iranian drones operated by Hezbollah.

    It is very likely that many other countries have quietly brought down other USA drones, but obviously the CIA will want to keep that quiet. Note also that the USA has crashed many drones due to technical problems (weather, lost comm, etc) and pilot error due to high stress. Just because the pilot isn’t being subjected to the g-forces of actual combat, there are still both heavy physical and psychological stresses.

    Most drones can not be in-flight refueled (hard for real pilots to do let alone remote pilots). As a result, drones have to trade off time in air (fuel usage) versus weight, speed, altitude and stealth. The more of any of these characteristic, the quicker the fuel is expended and the shorter the flight.

    There is a very good reason the drones only carry one or two Hellfire missiles which are small, short range and low ordnance yield. Adding weight sucks the tanks dry quickly.

    Of course as the USA kills more humans indiscriminately, the more chances others will do the same to USA citizens around the globe and maybe even at home.

    Drones are NOT “cost-free” and like all the mistakes the USA makes, the blow-back will be terrible for Americans.

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