Buzzfeed Exposes Breitbart’s Neo-Nazi Roots (TYT Video)

Brett Erlich, Nando Vila and Hannah Cranston | (The Young Turks Video) | – –

Steve Bannon insists that there’s “no room” for neo-nazi’s and white supremacists in the alt-right movement, Buzzfeed just called bullshit. Brett Erlich, Nando Vila and Hannah Cranston discuss on The Young Turks.

After a white supremacist demonstration in Charlottesville ended in a killing last August, Steve Bannon insisted that “there’s no room in American society” for neo-Nazis, neo-Confederates, and the KKK. But throughout the 2016 presidential campaign under Bannon’s leadership Breitbart cultivated the alt-right — the insurgent, racist far right-wing movement that helped sweep Donald Trump to power. The former White House chief strategist admitted that he wanted Breitbart to be “the platform for the alt-right.

The Young Turks: “Buzzfeed Exposes Breitbart’s Neo-Nazi Roots”

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  1. White Supremacy is itself a cover story, but one so ancient that its followers have long since made it into a hallowed tradition whose intent can’t be disputed – even as it cynically makes tactical shifts to “religious freedom” or “White separatism”. We’re stuck with it because it was the basis under which the inherent poverty of Southern resource-extraction economics was made viable for capitalist profits without collapsing into rebellion. That in turn makes the South a low-wage anomaly that capitalists from sea to shining sea can use to distort labor markets by threatening to move there.

    And the essence of it is: we underpay everybody, but half of them get a special bonus of getting to beat and abuse and scapegoat the other half and the latter aren’t allowed to fight back. It is institutionalized sadism.

    For the Far Right, the restoration of that order nationwide means an financial incentive they can use to lure the capitalists into a fascist alliance. But it also connects these mostly-Northern, anti-immigrant racists with the existing pool of anti-Black and anti-Latino racists as their natural leaders.

    So where do you break the chains tying this alliance together, or is it too late? One of the oldest cover stories White Supremacists have used is fealty to localized government, which has served them well when they needed to lie low, but not when they tried to create a country reaching from Norfolk to El Paso. I think you can make them choke on this secessionist contradiction. Start movements not to secede from America, but to secede from the particular Red State that oppresses its cities and minorities. The “alt-Right” leaders and corporations will try to fight that because they can do the Congressional math. But you go for their base – tell them that if their racist propaganda is true, then their states (which impose substantial tax burdens too) will be better off without the contaminated cities. Those cities create jobs from which suburban bigots cart away their paychecks to evade responsibilities in the sticks. Make them fight each other over where the borders are to be redrawn.

  2. Everybody with any education at all should stop with this “alt-right” nonsense. This is a term that was invented to rebrand a very much older political philosophy. But we don’t need to use the term they invented to confuse people. We should call them the old term.

    They are Nazis. Breitbart is not “alt-right”; they are Nazis, plain and simple.

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