Iran’s Khamenei: We’ll observe Deal if Europe does, despite “Charlatan,” Trump

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Iran’s clerical Leader, Ali Khamenei, said on Wednesday that he did not intend to engage in a tit for tat with Donald Trump, who had attacked Iran in a speech last week.

“Naturally, I do not want to spend time right now in replying to the fables and falsehoods of this charlatan president of the republic. . .” He added that replying to such as Trump is “a waste of time.”


He complained that the US has gone about roiling the Middle East, supporting Israeli oppression of the Palestinians and of Lebanon, and creating ISIL [this is a false allegation — JC] and supporting extremist groups that routinely excommunicate Shiites and other Muslims from the religion. He said the US regime is angry with Iran because Tehran had foiled their dastardly plots in the region, including in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. He quoted sardonically former secretary of state Condi Rice’s saying that a new Middle East is being born. Sure it is, he said, and it isn’t the one Washington imagined.

Khamenei said that the new US president had shown himself to be a moron, but nevertheless, Iranians should not let their guard down in the face of the sly tricks of the US.

He seems worried that Iranians will discount the danger the US poses to the Iranian state because the American leader is clearly a stupid individual.

He said that there will be no conventional war, but that things might take place that are just as important.

He complained that the US threatened enmity if Iran did not sign the nuclear deal, but after Tehran signed, the enmity redoubled.

He praised European countries for standing by the nuclear deal. He said that Iran welcomes European steadfastness in the face of Trump’s threats to simply tear up the deal. But, he said, standing by their own treaty is not enough. He pointed out that the deal is in the interest of the Europeans and the Americans.

He added of the Europeans, “We also naturally said that as long as this side does not tear it up, neither will we.” If it is torn up [by Europe] then Iran will also shred the agreement. (US news outlets are mistranslating this part as saying that If Trump tears up the deal, so will Iran; Khamenei is clearly speaking of Europe here).

That is not enough, he said. If the US Congress contravenes the agreement by imposing substantial new sanctions on Iran, he said, he expects the Europeans to step up and foil them. He rejected Western concerns about Iranian missiles, on the grounds that all the Western countries also have rockets and missiles and no one is sanctioning them over it.

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8 Responses

  1. At this point. Iran is making the US look like the bad guy.
    No nation will trust the US, or want to sign Agreements with it.
    We have lost all respect and credibility around the world, thanks to the Dotard/Moron.

    • It is NOT Iran that is makingUS(American) look like the bad guy!
      It IS the bad guy aka “fn MORON”!

  2. Iran is taking the high road which will serve it well. Trump’s position however will leave the U.S.A. isolated and looked upon as a country run by idiots.

    When the deal was struck the Iranian leaders went to Europe to shop for things their country needed, including medical equipment and jets. They didn’t purchase any in the U.S.A. and because the idiot former P.M. of Canada, Harper had closed Canada’s embassy in Tehran, they also missed out on making sales.

    There is no reason why the agreement can’t continue without the U.S.A. Its not like they are adding anything of value.

  3. Exactly what I hoped (well, the delicious Trump put-downs were unnecessary, but you can’t say they weren’t accurate) and more or less expected, based on the high intelligence and moral character of the majority of Iranians I have ever personally known.

    If we’re insisting on being enemies of Iran, it’s almost as if we’re trying to lose. US sanctions are meaningless if they’re not joined by the other parties — the EU, Russia, and China. And they’re not going to join if Iran is complying with the agreement and the US is not. That would be absurd. So the obvious result will be stronger economic ties between Iran and Europe, Russia and China, to the benefit of them all and to the detriment of us.

    The purpose of sanctions is to isolate Iran, not the United States. It’s amazing how many people in high places don’t seem to understand that. I remember reading — I think during the Bush years, but maybe Obama — that there were more American university PhD’s in the Iranian cabinet than in our own. If that’s still true, it shows.

  4. Chances are, Iran signed on with the agreement because it involves other nations too.
    Trump will destroy the EU if he can and break up NATO, divide and conquer is his motto.
    If the Europeans are sovereign nations it will be easy to side with Iran. We will see how sovereign they really are.

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