Top Six Trump Admin. Crimes that ought to bring Indictments

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

1. Jeff Sessions lied under oath, saying he never met with any Russian official during the Trump presidential campaign. He met the Russian ambassador twice. The GOP impeached Bill Clinton for perjury in what was a minor personal matter, but stand by Sessions despite his perjury regarding a matter of national security. Mueller should indict.

2. Scott Pruitt met with the CEO of Dow Chemical last spring. Twenty days later, he decided not to ban Dow’s chlorpyrifos pesticide from being sprayed on food. The problem with chlorpyrifos is that it can have a negative impact on brain development in fetuses and small children. We should look into whether young Trump was exposed to it or something similar in the late 1940s. Evangelicals, the main support base for Trump, are always going on endlessly about abortion being a genocide and are continually interfering with women’s constitutional right to have one. So you would think they’d be up in arms about a pesticide that could harm an embryo, right? Not so as anyone could tell. Pruitt’s own Environmental Protection Agency scientists have confirmed the dangers of chlorpyrifos but he ignored them. This is child endangerment and child abuse on a massive scale. I’d say, even a high crime and beyond a misdemeanor. Jail time would be appropriate.

3. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke swung a $300 mn. contract to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical grid to a tiny company on the verge of bankruptcy with two employees, Whitefish, which happens to be based in Zinke’s home town. That is corruption pure and simple. Puerto Rico has annulled the contract, quite rightly. Imagine if Trump had tried to treat Houston that way! Somebody should indict.

4. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin also allegedly perjured himself when he denied that the company he headed, OneWest, engaged in robo-signing (backdating mortgage documents and forging them) even though there are substantial indications that the company did so. Mnuchin is the reincarnation of Ebenezer Scrooge. He actually made people homeless for being 27 cents behind on their mortgage. Now he is seeking one of the largest transfers of wealth to the US rich since the days of Andrew Carnegie.

5. When he was Secretary of Health and Human Services and flying around on million dollar flights at taxpayer expense, Tom Price also spent money earmarked by federal law for encouraging people to sign up for Obamacare on negative ads attempting to discourage them from doing so. Just because Price is out of office doesn’t mean he can’t be indicted. What could be lower than trying to take away people’s health care insurance?

6. Despite promises that he would avoid investments that raised red flags about foreign influence while he was president, Trump is looking at deals in India. If the Indian government of PM Narendra Modi grants these licenses, worth a substantial amount of money, won’t that be an emolument of the sort banned by the constitution?

Except for Sessions, this list has nothing to do with Russian influence on the 2016 presidential race, and probably is actually beyond Mueller’s purview. But somebody should lock these creeps up.

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  1. The only complaint I have with this piece of your professor is that you forgot to put in the right amount of zeros. A couple more at least, I think !

  2. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Mueller was the one responsible for “draining the swamp.”

  3. On the one hand, its futile to try to guess how the Trump show will unfold, and ultimately is destined to end (other than very badly). This breaking business with Manafort may or may not mean anything significant to Trump.

    On the other hand, if Manafort or any other legal threat to Trump emerges, he simply pardons those culpable pre-emptively, per Nixon. The Arpaio pardon showed him what he could get away with, and he could use it freely to cut short any momentum Mueller’s work may yet gain.

    Unless the GOP dominated congress does sometime truly extraordinary in response, which is unthinkable, he’s got things totally under control. Sure, he could fire Mueller, but what’s the point?

  4. Quoting Professor Cole – “We should look into whether young Trump was exposed to it or something similar in the late 1940s.” Yep, it’s called fetal alcohol syndrome aka FAS and is a nasty national hidden secret about many U.S. children conceived and born during the post-WWII era when per capita hard alcohol consumption peaked.

    link to

  5. In effect, it comes down to the essential fascism of Trump’s support base – which allows Trump to not have to carry out the overt imposition of emergency rule and dictatorship. The Founding Fathers knew they couldn’t proof their Constitution against factionalism, because since ancient times factions have rejected their normal role as voting citizens in safeguarding against abuses of power on the principle that “the worst of us is better than the best of them”. They have, and will, tolerate the most monstrous acts and even join in, which renders formal tyranny unnecessary.

    This would be like a nationalized version of 1876, when a regional faction wore out the nation’s willingness to stop their crimes and let them impose tyranny over their section of America with a secret government and rigged laws. But this time, the secret tyranny will not stop at the Mason-Dixon line.

    At some point, this was doomed to become a conflict between ordinary citizens and their will for power.

  6. #7
    And America is not put first, we are still stuck in the same queue. behind Israel and now KSA.

  7. Let it be.

    They’re all guilty of pushing lousy policies and there’s no small amount of conflict of interest. Whether any of that meets the legal level of a crime in office is unclear – particularly given that no GOP-appointed prosecutor would ever dare file charges.

    But what is clear is that Trump has appointed a collection of deplorables to direct much of the federal bureaucracy – and it will result in damage to the US and the rest of the world.

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