As Flynn cuts off WH, top 4 Alleged Crimes he could sink Trump with

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

Ret. 3-star general Michael Flynn, under investigation by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, has ceased sharing information on his case with the Trump white house. Analysts think that this move may be a sign that Flynn is turning state’s evidence and may provide information damning to Trump.

Flynn was a top Trump campaign official and then National Security Adviser to the president. He appears to have committed or planned several alleged crimes and if Trump was in the loop, he would be tarnished by Flynn’s rackets. (Not that Trump doesn’t have his own tarnishing rackets). Remember, it isn’t the crime that usually gets them but the cover-up.

1. In summer of 2016 and again in Dec., Flynn discussed with Turkish officials the possibility of kidnapping the Turkish Muslim religious leader Fethullah Gulen, whom some charge with running a cult. Gulen was given asylum in the US in the late 1990s. His Gulen or Hizmet movement was a partner with prime minister Tayyip Erdogan, until the two broke with one another a few years ago. Erdogan accuses Gulen of being behind the attempted coup of July 15, 2016. Flynn took money from a think tank close to a wealthy Turkish bussinessman who in turn is close to ERdogan, to do oppo reasearch on Gulen.

2. Flynn may have been offered millions of dollars to help free Reza Zarrab, a gold trader close to Erdogan,

3. Flynn declined to register as a foreign agent in connection with these activities or to report them as part of his security clearance at the NSA.

4. Flynn was fired for lying to VP Pence about his extensive contacts with the embassy of the Russian Federation in fall-winter ’16. But did Trump know? I don’t think they’re telling Pence very much.

It isn’t a crime but it isn’t a good look, either: Flynn went around saying the most horrible things about Muslims and even that he was afraid of them. Then it turns out he is working for them to the tune of $500k. The hypocrisy of the Flynn-Trump hate machine could eventually come back around and bite Trump on the ass. If you say you hate people, you attract a public invested in that hatred. But if you are actually doing business with and dancing before those very people, that could prove a problem for Trump’s base.

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  1. Correction needed above: Flynn was head of DIA, not NSA, from 2012-2014. By the time he joined the Trump campaign in 2016 he had been retired from the Army for 2 years.

  2. It seems very clear that Donald J. Trump allowed his campaign to become a full-blown Russian intelligence asset under the direction of turncoat traitor General “lock-her-up” Michael Flynn.

    Self-preservation will drive Flynn to implicate fly-on-the-wall Pence who knows almost everything. Pence ratted-out Flynn previous, so no love will be lost.

    Pence under oath will be very interesting if the right questions are asked. And will likely be thrown under the bus along with a chorus of others.

    • Don’t know about the campaign being a full-blown Russian asset, although being managed unwittingly as one to some degree is another matter.

      Someone as sanctimonious as Pence, and in such a clear position to advance himself, would appear to be a great direction for Mueller to target his pleas deals.

      Or, I may just be watching too much House of Cards.

  3. I have some doubt that the GOP led Congress will act on anything against Trump and Pence or any of his administration.
    They may make noise yes but nothing more.
    Only true way to clear all this up is for an independent investigation of ALL of the White House and Congress with full powers to remove any member that has proven questionable ties to this mess.

  4. if you are actually doing business with and dancing before those very people, that could prove a problem for Trump’s base.
    Trumps’ base either isn’t paying attention or just doesn’t care, so long as Trump either (a.) keeps pissing off liberals, or (b.) gives them a tax cut, or (c.) both.

    • trump’s base (less than 20% of Americans), hates the rest of Americans with a deep passion. His base really thinks they are the only “true Americans” and the rest of the folks in the USA are misguided at best and spawn of the devil at worst.

      This is why FACTS make no difference to trump supporters, they are off in their own delusional fact-free world and NOTHING will change that.

      A video that explains more . . .

      link to

  5. It’s pretty hard to peg Gulen ideologically if you’re unschooled regarding the issue…I mean in 20 minutes, say.

    “There are indications that 95 percent of the employees of the police in Turkey are Hizmet sympathizers. Some experts, however, refute allegations about the infiltration. Professor Mucahit Bilici from the University of New York argues that Gülen is well supported and followed by Turkish citizens and that Hizmet is not a secret organization.” from Open Democracy link to

    Here’s Bilici’s site. When you click “Interviews”…not valid address. But there you find out he’s Kurdish. link to

    With the Open Democracy article in mind, one could conjecture those in the CIA who defended him were being fair, but that there was perhaps another CIA sub-set (probably later?) who theorized that AKP could more effectively do the control/clampdowns that conceivably might end up requisite. If the latter were true, then the heavy Islamic principles under Erdogan could be seen as Erdogan vying (propaganda-wise) for recognition against Hizmet’s religious emphasis?

    One more Open Democracy article on the subject to look over tonight if I can stay awake enough.

    • there are books about the Hizmet movement; your public library can get them for you. You don’t have to depend on one web site.

      • Thanks, prof. But could you make a comment? Erdogan’s opposition to Hizmet seems pretty germane. Are both camps too authoritarian in your opinion, or what? What’s MSM gonna say about who wanted this movement taken down a few notches (with a Gulen extradition) and why…nothing?? Why all the silence? Wasn’t too long ago Turkey shot down a Russian jet. Now, Lawrence Wilkerson is saying Russia might conceivably pry Turkey away from NATO. Things morph too fast to catch up.

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