What Causes Mideast Extremism? It’s the Dictatorships, Stupid!

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The Foreign Minister of Qatar said on Thursday that extremism in the Middle East is the result of authoritarianism, the Qatari News Agency has reported. Mohamed Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani expressed his sadness that the region has become a region of instability instead of peace and coexistence.

“People are suffering from rulers who seek authority, practice bad governance and strip their citizens of their human rights and dignity,” the minister told an anti-terror conference in London sponsored by his government. “These people fall as prey to the extremist groups.” Children in the region, he added, have lived through atrocities in Syria, under Daesh in Iraq as well as Syria, and in Yemen. “They are deprived of hope and a better future.”

To deter terror, Al-Thani called for stability in the region. “This is one of the main ways to win the war on terror and deter violence,” he insisted. “We need a political commitment to end struggles in the Middle East and North Africa.”

According to the Guardian, Qatar’s Foreign Minister also accused the Saudi leadership of fracturing the region. “A pattern is emerging whereby they create a new crisis to cover up previous crises.”

Saudi Arabia, he said, has created a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen, divided the Gulf States by attacking Qatar without an exit strategy and tried to pressurise the Lebanese Prime Minister to resign, leaving a vacuum. “Which policy of theirs has so far produced a positive result? It has all been counterproductive to stability in the region.”

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  1. That’s rich, coming from one of the countries that literally funded and armed extremist jihadi terror groups to destabilize Syria. The number one destabilizing factor in the Middle East is the Gulf kleptocracies who fund extremism. They have sent in the head choppers and funded tyrants wherever democracy raised its troublesome head in the region.

  2. And the US supports most of the terror inducing despots diplomatically, financially and militarily, especially Saudi-Arabia.

  3. If the USA doesn’t wake up & watch what some of our own self-serving, supposedly elected officials are doing we could end up being in a position of dictatorship type control or worse.

  4. While Qatar is a dictatorship with a hereditary monarchy, “[its] version of Wahhabism is more relaxed [than Saudi Arabia’s]—still theologically austere but in practice more flexible, open to cinemas, some mixing of sexes; women drive cars and run for local offices, Christian churches are open, alcohol is available in some public places, and modern art galleries help contribute to a lively public life.”
    “Al Jazeera has proved a useful foil in [keeping popular unrest muted in Qatar], rallying public interest around dramatic events in North Africa while being relatively more circumspect on developments that strike closer to home…
    [Yet, to Doha’s credit,] the rather modest top-down reforms initiated…over the past decade appear to have been a more successful inoculation against popular pressure than Abu Dhabi’s dogged refusal to open space for meaningful political participation or discourse.”
    Qatar also maintains a good working relationship with Iran. link to detailedpoliticalquizzes.wordpress.com

  5. A big problem is lots of bruised Saudi egos.

    Saudis want everyone in the middle east to kowtow to KSA and when Iran and several others don’t the Saudis get angry.

    The reality is if KSA and Iran would sign a peace treaty where KSA has to swallow a lot of pride, things in the ME would vastly improve for everyone.

    The KSA dictatorship is the leading cause of instability in the ME.

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