With 305 dead in Sinai Terror, Trump babbles Wall & Visas

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As the death toll in this weekend’s horrific terrorist attack on a Sufi mosque near El Arish in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula rose to at least 305, the patriarch of the Coptic Church, Tawadros II, affirmed the solidarity of Egypt’s some 8 million Christians with the Muslim victims and their families. He called those killed by extremists “martyrs.” He added, “This terrorism that strikes boldly and cruelly is devoid of all human values and principles, for the purpose of which God created human beings. It is devoid of all those principles by which Egypt has all along lived in love and harmony.” He said that Egypt will prevail by virtue of its unity and confidence in God and joint action.

So that’s what a wise Christian had to say about the horrific murder of hundreds.

Over here, our Mr. Trump used the incident cynically to promote his own warped agenda:

Trump did not talk like this when a white guy shot dead 58 people and wounded 546 in Las Vegas.

When the memes “terrorism” and “Muslim” coincide, Trump’s mind goes to the Wall and to his meretricious visa ban on Muslim entrants into the United States.

US Rep. Filemon Vela (D-TX) reacted to Trump’s tweet: “What an idiot!”

But the perpetrators of this attack are likely Egyptian nationals of Bedouin background in the Sinai Peninsula who have come under the influence of an extreme form of Saudi Wahhabism.

Trump’s visa ban did not extend to Egyptians, and therefore in principle those who planned the attack on the Haririya Ahmadiya mosque in Rawda near El Arish could land by plane in the US at any moment. That isn’t an argument for expanding the visa ban, but for its impracticality as a tool of counter-terrorism. For instance, no Syrian refugee has been convicted of terrorism on US soil.

So a wall on the Mexican border is about the most irrelevant thing you could think of to this mosque attack. And Trump’s visa ban on the poor Chadians is the next most irrelevant thing.

But beyond the incoherence of the comment lies a heart of stone. Trump’s response to Egypt is that we should keep people of Muslim heritage out of the US? That is supposed to make Egyptians feel better (they are about 90% Muslim)? His response is to put the bombing in the frame of an immigrant tragedy.

Contrast Trump’s pettiness with the graciousness and love evident in the Coptic patriarch’s remarks. Contrast Trump’s divisiveness with the patriarch’s affirmation of unity and solidarity. Egyptians still know what Christianity is. Trump and his acolytes don’t have a clue.


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  1. Trump has a problem seeing things for what they are, and likewise his continued promotion of his brand is his biggest downfall. Trump’s aggressive sales approach may do him well in business, but when it comes to foreign affairs he’s shooting blanks. Sadly, his biggest problem is he sees everything in terms of race and ethnicity. Let’s face it our 45th President has no values, and has even less the brain matter it would take to attain any moral high ground.

  2. If a big wall would save Egyptian church-goers from the ceaseless bombings by Muslims, Tawadros would waste no time building it, moral high ground be damned.

  3. When the terrible earthquake took place on the Iran-Iraq border on November 14, killing about 500 and injuring about 8,000 in the more populous Iranian cities of Sar-e Pol-e Zahab and Kermanshah and totally destroying many villages, not only did President Trump not issue any messages of sympathy or offer of help, some overzealous US officials even prevented Iranian-Americans who had collected donations to send to the victims from doing so, due to the sanctions. This shows that, despite his declared feelings of respect and affection for the Iranian people, President Trump does not distinguish between Iranian people and government. Pope Francis sent two messages of prayers and condolences to the victims’ families, and many other world leaders also expressed sympathy, but President Trump’s twitter account remained totally silent.

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