Syria: If ISIL is dire threat, why isn’t its Defeat bigger News?

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

The Syrian regime announced Wednesday that its army, supported by the Lebanese Shiite militia, Hizbullah and Iraqi Shiite militia, took control of the city of Al-Bu Kamal, the last base for ISIL on the Syrian-Iraqi border, after battles with the terrorist organization.

At the same time, an Iranian official affirmed that these forces, having proven victorious in the far east of the country, will now be redeployed to the northwest, to Idlib province, the last bastion of the armed resistance (which is dominated in Idlib by the al-Qaeda-linked Syrian Conquest Front or Nusra Front.

The Syrian spokesman said that the Syrian sources had met up with their Iraqi counterparts on the border in the environs of Al-Bu Kamal, and that the Iraqi military had simultaneously taken on ISIL remnants on their side of the border opposite Al-Bu Kamal.

The Syrian and pro-Syrian fighters received air support, which must have been Russian or Syrian Arab Air Force. Some civilian deaths were reported.

Last week, the Iraqi army expelled ISIL remnants from the district of al-Qa’im, which neighbors Syria.

Some 120,000 persons have been displaced from this this district by the fighting.

As ISIL declines into insignificance as a military force even as it remains a significant terrorist threat, I expect the hype around it to survive, like a ghost haunting us.


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  1. I suspect that its not bigger news because the defeat is almost entirely by the Syrian army with the help of Russian strategic help and air power. The main stream media in most Western countries is against the Assad government, so reporting success that isn’t entirely driven by the West does not fit in with the prescribed story. Anyway, the ISIS gangsters have managed to keep the Assad military at bay for over five years so I would never under estimate their ability to continue to keep the Syrian government on a war footing for a long time yet. ISIS hasn’t so much been defeated as displaced to the deserts and other countries. we have by no means heard the last of these butchers yet, especially as the West through proxies keeps on providing them with the means to make war.

  2. It is surprising that the defeat is not being touted as big news here in the US. Even more surprising that Trump is not loudly trying to take personal credit for ending the threat that dogged his predecessor. But, as you point out, it is necessary to keep the “threat” alive to try to justify the enormous waste of money and resources in the military, homeland security and other black operations.

    • “. . . Trump is not loudly trying to take personal credit for ending the threat . . . ‘

      Putin won’t let him. He’s in charge. Trump is NOT.

  3. What caused the dearth of news coverage of the recent election on Fox news? Saudi Arabia and Israel who aided ISIL, see the defeat of ISIL in Syria as catastrophic, the US seems lukewarm at best with Rex Tillerson saying “President Bashar al-Assad and his family have no role in the future of Syria”

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